[League of Legends / LoL] Team Chat Etiquette

Utilizing the team chat in League of Legends is crucial because relaying the right information to your team properly usually determines whether your team wins or loses.

Whether you’re playing Solo or Duo Queue, Ranked Flex or Blind Pick, you will be playing with other teammates. In order to increase the chances of winning, you have to remember and practice some basic Team Chat etiquette so that your games in the Summoner’s Rift will be a fruitful one.

Using the Team Chat: What’s Your Specialty?

During the Champion Select Screen, remember to declare in the Team Chat what champion you’re going to use if you’re playing a Ranked Game (Solo or Duo Queue or Flex). For instance, if you were assigned to the Marksman Role, announce to your team which champion you’re inclined to play as. This way, your teammates can ban and choose their champions accordingly as well.

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Conversely, if you were assigned to a role that you are not that experienced in, or if you were assigned to a different role due to the Autofill function, use the Team Chat to communicate with your team. Ask them if any of them wants to swap roles – if one of them accepts, good. If they don’t, just do your best to be adequate in your assigned role.

Using the Team Chat: Declaring Picks and Bans

Team Chat should also be used to relay to your team what champions should be banned. In Ranked Games, this is essential, as it helps your team narrow the available champions the enemy team can use. Most of the time, you can do a quick research on what champions are being played at a high rate – this usually means these champions are strong this patch.

Another good option is to ask your teammates in Team Chat which champions they prefer to be banned. This is a nice alternative if you don’t know which champion to ban, as it will help your teammates do better in-game, since they do not need to worry about their nemesis champion during the laning phase.

Using the Team Chat: In-Game Communication

Once the game starts, do your best to use the Team Chat to relay all information you see on the battlefield. Ping when your opposing laner is missing, where enemy wards are placed if manage to see it, or where the enemy jungler is. Broadcasting this information to your team on the fly is invaluable and will help your team be on their toes.

It is also imperative to voice out when you feel it’s the right time to take down objectives such as Towers, Dragons, Rift Herald and Baron Nashor. But if your team doesn’t agree with your suggestion, take it in stride and continue playing the game.

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Using the Team Chat: Dealing with Teammates

During games, if one of your teammates is not playing too well, don’t add salt to the wound and berate him. Instead, encourage him to do better in a positive way – just like any team sport, each player has a crucial role, and if one falters, it is the job of the teammates to help that player get back into the game.

If you have a teammate that’s berating one of your members who is already struggling, be the mediator and tell the heckling teammate to stop being toxic. You can then console the player who’s having a bad game by telling him that he’ll get him next clash or in other crucial parts of the match.

However, if you come across a teammate who is essentially trolling your game, even if you’ve exerted all your effort to curb his mischievous and annoying ways, you should just put your focus on your game or your other teammates’ game instead. After the game, you can ask your team and the opposing team to ban the troll so that person would get banned and lessen the likelihood that you’ll be partnered with such disruptive players.

Coordination wins lanes and games, and in order to get the big win, you have to practice good communication with your team.


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