[League of Legends / LoL] League Of Legends Officially Reveals Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain

It has been a while since the newly-reworked Urgot hit the live servers. Now, League of Legends have officially announced another new and upcoming champion, Ornn, in their official North American website.

Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain, will be the newest Frejloridian champion to hit the rift in patch 7.17. He might be a tanky-support champion that can provide his team mates with a rather unique passive that can be a big game changer.

Based on the initial skill reveal of the champion in their website, Ornn will have two new mechanics that are new to the game. He has the ability to forge an item for himself and an item upgrade for his team mates when he is out of combat. However, Ornn can only craft select item upgrades for his team mates and is only limited to one per team mate.

His second unique passive, Brittle, is included in his second skill, Bellows Breath. Brittle makes enemies lose a portion of their maximum health if struck by hard crowd controls. Hard crowd controls will also last longer while Brittle is active.

Ornn’s Skills

Passive: Living Force & Master Craftsman

This skill is what makes Ornn a unique champion. As stated above, he has the ability to forge an item for himself and an item upgrade for his team mates. This passive can also classify him as a top laner that has tremendous amount of supporting potential. This proves that the people over at Riot still has a few tricks up their sleeve.

Q: Volcanic Rupture

Volcanic Rupture is like any other skill. What makes it different is that it summons a a very small pillar after a short delay. This skill might be useful at blocking tight corners and disrupting enemy movement.

W: Bellows Breath

This skill acts like a Rumble Q. Ornn will belch out flames at an area, dealing a portion of the enemy’s current health as magic damage. Enemies struck by the last flame becomes brittle. This skill is very helpful especially if your allies have a lot of hard crowd controls since brittled targets are more prone to hard CC damage and duration.

E: Searing Charge

 If you are thinking that is like any other charge skill, think again. This skill knocks up champions if he collides with a terrain. This skill can also destroy player-created terrains like Anivia and Taliyah’s Wall. There are no words yet on whether this skill can also destroy Yorick’s Dark Procession and Camille’s Arena.

R: Call of the Forge God

This skill is visually beautiful and terrifying at the same. Ornn will summon a massive fire elemental that will travel towards him. Enemies run over it take magic damage and become brittle. Ornn has the ability to charge it again when the elemental is nearby to redirect it and knock up the enemies it hits while applying the same brittle effect and damage. This skill will be huge in team fights especially with how big the area of effect is.

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