[League of Legends/LoL] Summoner Spells Guide

This page contains a guide on Summoner Spells in League of Legends (LoL), including their descriptions, effects, cooldown levels, how to unlock and useful tips and tricks on how to use them in the game.

Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are extra abilities that summoners can use for their champions to aid them in the map. Below is a list of the Summoner Spells and their uses.

Level Spell Description Cooldown
1 Clarity Restores 50% maximum mana to your champion and 25% maximum mana to nearby allies 180
1 Ghost Your champion gains 28-45 % increased movement speed (based on level). Affected unit can also pass through other units 180
1 Heal Restores 90-345health (based on level)  to your champion and the most wounded ally. Affected units also gain 30 % increased movement speed 240
 1  Mark Throws a snowball and deals 15-100 true damage (based on level). If Mark hits an enemy, your champion gains the ability to dash towards that for the next 3 seconds. Mark also grants true sight of the target  80
 1 Dash Your champion surges into the target struck by Mark and deals 15-100 true damage (based on level)  0
 4 Exhaust  Target enemy champion is slowed by 30% and reduces their damage dealt by 40% for 2.5 seconds 210
 4  Barrier Your champion is shielded for 115-455 damage (based on level) for 2 seconds 180
 6 Cleanse Removes all disables and summoner spell debuffs on your champion and grants 65% crowd control reduction for 3 seconds  210
6 Teleport Your champion teleports to a target turret, minion or ward after channeling for 4.5 seconds. Reactivating Teleport would cancel it and place the skill on a 200-second cooldown 300
8 Flash Teleports your champion to a short distance depending on your cursor’s location 300
10 Ignite Ignites a target champion dealing 70-410 true damage (based on level) over 5 seconds, applies Grievous wounds and grants true sight 210
10 Smite Smiting deals 390-1000 true damage to a monster or enemy minion (based on level). Smiting a large monster would restore 70 +1 0% of Maximum health 15

Each Summoner Spell has its use and is brought by a specific role. Here are the mostly used Summoner Spells and

  • Heal is usually brought by squishy champions like Mages or AD Carries to give them an extra health boost and spell the difference between survival and death
  • Exhaust is brought by Support champions and given to the AD Carry during the laning phase and used on the one with most damage during the late game
  • Teleport is brought by top-laners and split-pushers. Within seconds, they can traverse the entire map and can either help in team fights or push a lane
  • Flash is the most used Summoner Spell, being considered the universal Summoner Spell. It can be used for either fleeing or gap-closing an enemy
  • Ignite provides a champion an extra skill to damage their enemy champion. It is usually for champions who want to go all-in during a clash and is good with direct combat. Ignite also lowers the enemy’s healing and health regen
  • Smite is the Jungler’s Summoner spell. This can be used to easily defeat a large monster, especially during the early phase and the jungler still doesn’t have enough damage. The heal it gives also provides junglers more time to stay in  the map instead of going back to the fountain

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