[League of Legends / LoL] Trinkets Basic Guide

This page contains an introduction to Trinkets in League of Legends (LoL), including their uses, purchasing and upgrading them, and their various kinds.

Trinkets Basic Guide

Making their debut during Season 4 as well as the preseason of League of Legends (LoL), Trinkets are special items that provide a variety of useful effects during matches. A Champion will only be able to hold one (1) Trinket at a time.

How to Obtain Trinkets

Trinkets can be obtained at the Shop under Vision & Trinkets of the Tools selection. They don’t require purchase, but there is a 120-second cooldown if you decide to change your Trinket during the game if you’ve already equipped one at the start. The cooldown time can be reduced by upgrading the Trinket whenever the Champion levels-up, as well as granting it better effects.

Trinket Types

Trinket Type Description Requirements
Warding Totem Basic

ACTIVE: Expends a charge to place a Stealth Ward which reveals the surrounding area for 60 to 120 seconds. Stores one charge every 180 to 120 seconds for up to 2 maximum charges.

Exchange: Sweeping Lens, Oracle of Alteration, Farsigh Alteration

Summoner’s Rift Level 1
Sweeping Lens Basic

ACTIVE: Materializes a drone at a location for 6 seconds (500 to 2000). The drone reveals and disables all invisible traps and wards within a radius of 450 to 575 units.

Exchange: Warding Totem, Oracle Alteration, Farsight Alteration

Summoner’s Rift Level 1
Oracle Alteration Advanced

ACTIVE: Materializes a drone that escorts you for the next 10 seconds. The drone warns against unseen enemies, as well as revealing and disabling wards and invisible traps within a 660/690/720/750 radius area.

Exchange: Warding Totem, Sweeping Lens, Farsight Alteration

Summoner’s Rift Level 9
Farsight Alteration Advanced

ACTIVE: Reveals an area up to 4000 units away for 2 seconds. Enemy champions hit will be revealed for 5 seconds. This does not affect stealth champions. Also places a visible Farsight Ward at the target location that lasts indefinitely.

Exchange: Warding Totem, Sweeping Lens, Oracle Alteration

Summoner’s Rift Level 9

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