LoL World Championships News - Samsung Galaxy Conquers Team WE to Set Korean Finals Rematch

Korea's Samsung Galaxy booked a finals rematch against SK Telecom T1 after defeating Team WE, 3-1, in the Worlds Semifinals in Beijing, China. 
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Korea’s Samsung Galaxy booked a finals rematch against SK Telecom T1 after defeating Team World Elite, 3-1, in the Worlds Semifinals in Shanghai, China.

Team WE started out strong after capturing game one of the best-of-five series. Samsung Galaxy then won three straight games to give them the 3-1 score and face off the defending champions in the finals series.

Samsung Galaxy is the clear favorite of the finals after also sweeping LCK’s champion Longzhu Gaming in the quarterfinals. SKT T1 had issues in the playoffs, almost losing to Misfits Gaming and Royal Never Give Up in series that exposed their weaknesses.

Game 1: Team WE Grabs First Blood 

Team WE dominated the first game with a kill differential of 14-1. The Chinese team got the early lead after WE’s Mystic got the first kill on Ambition right before the first minion spawn.

SSG was not able to get a good position the whole game, attempting unsuccessful clashes and ganks. WE’s 957’s Shen and Ben’s Rakan also stopped SSG from killing the hard carries by focusing their protective abilities on Mystic and Xiye.

The game ended in less than 30 minutes, with Ambition only notching a kill in the dying moments of the game for Samsung Galaxy.

Game 2: Samsung Galaxy Evens the Series

SSG bounced back in the second game with a 28-minute win to even up the series at 1 apiece.

Team WE opted to pick a wombo-combo composition of Jarvan IV and Galio. SSG picked early-game snowballers  Gnar and Malzahar. The game was in favor of Team WE in the early- to mid-game as the J4 Cataclysm and Galio’s Heroic Entrance set up good initiations for WE.

Team WE maintained the pace until SSG somehow won the clash in the 25th minute after Janna was able to peel her carries from the J4-Galio ultimate with Monsoon. SSG got a 3-0 kill lead and Baron to seal the deal for Samsung Galaxy.

Game 3: SSG continues their Winning Ways.

Samsung Galaxy showed true grit, dismantling Team WE to the tune of a 10-1 disparity. The Korean team got the early lead after an aggressive bot lane push that opened the base of Team WE in the mid game. Samsung’s Ambition’s Explosive Cask was also a factor in SSG’s win as it opened a lot of ganks for the Korean team.

SSG’s Crown and Ruler lifted their team with scores of 4/0/6 and 3/0/7, respectively. SSG’s CuVee also contributed with a 2/0/6.

Game 4: SSG Ends the Series with a Decisive Win

Game 4 was an intense game as the lead flipped back and forth in the early game. It was in the 13th minute mark that Samsung Galaxy got a 3 man kill in the bot lane to give them a commanding gold lead.

SSG also manged to secure the Baron in the 25th minute mark, forcing WE to play defensively. The 30th minute mark saw Team WE losing towers in the top and mid lane. In the final clash, SSG’s Ruler got a triple kill after WE’s 957 forced a team fight in the top lane that went in the favor of Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy got a 4-0 in the team fight to capture the 3-1 victory.

With the win, SSG hopes to get revenge from last year as they face the defending champions SKT T1 on Nov. 4 in Beijing.

You can watch the stream here.

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