LoL World Championships News - Samsung Galaxy dethrones SKT, Wins Lol World Championship

Here's a recap of Samsung Galaxy's momentous 3-0 win over SK Telecom T1 during this year's League of Legends World Championships.

Beijing, China – History was made in the Bird’s Nest as Samsung Galaxy (SSG) defeats SK Telecom T1 (SKT) to win the coveted Summoner’s Cup of the 2017 League of Legends Worlds Championship.

Amid the screaming fans, it took SSG three games and their slow and methodical approach to finally overthrow SKT’s reign as World Champions.

Game 1: SSG Smothers SKT

The first game saw SKT have Peanut start as their Jungle. SKT’s team consisted of Gnar, Cassiopeia, Gragas, Varus, and Lulu. Meanwhile, SSG ran Kennen, Malzahar, Zac, Xayah, and Janna.

SSG went into Game 1 using their patented slow-burn, grindhouse-style gameplay to secure objectives and react accordingly whenever SKT wanted to initiate team fights. One particular instance was during a Baron fight – SSG was securing Baron, but Peanut was able to steal it for SKT. However, SSG was quick to turn it around and managed to counter the steal by eliminating four out of the 5 SKT players.

This led to a 5-0 team kill final score for SSG and eventually the first game.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy

Game 2: SSG withstands SKT Pressure

Not to be outdone, SKT employed a more aggressive team composition for the second game. Huni chose Yasuo to battle CuVee’s Gnar, while Faker used Ryze against Crown’s Malzahar, opting for champion who can pressure the side lanes. It is worth noting that while statistically, Ryze does not fare well against Malzahar, Faker’s Ryze is 7-0 during this year’s tournament.

SKT was quick to pick up the pace, employing a very aggressive approach which led to an early lead and seemed to had their challengers reeling.

However, Samsung Galaxy managed to thwart SKT’s aggressive champion picks, especially during the mid-game. They were able to win a crucial team fight near the Dragon Pit and systematically secured objectives on their way to their second win.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy

Game 3: SSG’s Ascension to the Throne

Facing elimination, SKT was determined to bounce back in a big way heading into Game 3. They subbed in Blank for Peanut and did the necessary tweaks in their picks and bans. Huni picked Trundle, while Faker chose to play Karma at the mid lane. Blank kept the pressure with Gragas, and Bang and Wolf rounded up their lineup by choosing Tristana and Leona.

Not to be outdone, Samsung Galaxy stuck to their picks that brought them within striking distance of the championship. CuVee picked Cho’Gath, Crown chose Malzahar again, and Ambition went with Sejuani. Ruler and CoreJJ completed SSG’s lineup with Varus and Lulu.

Early in the game, it was evident that SKT was playing with some sense of urgency. Blank applied early lane pressure in the top lane, getting Huni an early kill against CuVee. Faker was also stellar against Crown, getting some kills as well.

But just like in Games 1 and 2, Samsung Galaxy toughed out SKT’s frenzy. SSG kept their composure and picked their skirmishes well. This was the case during one clash near the Mid Lane – Blank Flashed into SSG under the tower, hoping to get Ruler and Crown, but Ambition was quick to react. He stunned Blank which led to Ruler sniping him down.

Another crucial stop went in favor for SSG during a Baron fight. Wolf stunned Ruler, and SKT was looking to focus him down. However, an errant Buster Shot from Bang sent Ruler flying away from the fight. SSG took advantage of this and retaliated, killing Bang, Blank and Baron.

Samsung Galaxy’s Baron Power Play seemed to be the decisive blow, but Huni was able to stall them just enough to defend the base. That said, the writing was on the wall – it was only a matter of time until SSG routed SKT’s base. As SKT was preparing their final stand at Mid Lane, Ruler flashed into Faker, tagged him with his Ultimate. Ambition followed up with his own Ultimate, effectively killing the Unkillable Demon King in the process.

With this decisive team fight, SSG routed SKT, stormed into their base and destroyed their nexus. Finally, SKT has been dethroned, and Samsung Galaxy are the new World Champions.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy



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