Chameleos : Walkthrough and Weakness point

Monster Hunter Generations(MHX):This content is guide Chameleos of weakness, measures. In addition to describe the breakable parts , effectivenes.


  • Chameleos


state Cut Imp shot Fire Water ice Thun. dra
Normal Head Head Head
× ×
Transparence Head Head Head
× ×

Element/Status Effectiveness

Hitzone Cut Imp Shot Fire Water ice Thun. Dra
Head 45 (40) 50 (45) 30 (25) 35 (40) 0 0 20 35
Stomach 25 (22) 30 (25) 22 (20) 35 (40) 0 5 15 20
Torso (Back) 25 (22) 22 (20) 25 (22) 25 (30) 0 0 15 25
Wings 22 (20) 22 (20) 30 (25) 10 (15) 0 0 15 15
Forelegs 22 (20) 25 (22) 20 (15) 15 (20) 0 0 20 (10) 10
Hind Legs 30 (25) 25 (22) 20 (15) 25 (30) 0 0 10 (15) 25
Tail 25 (22) 22 (20) 20 10 (15) 0 0 10 5

Status Effectiveness

Status Damage Dulation Effective
Poison 120 60sec
Paralysis 5sec
Sleep 30sec
Stun 10sec

Item Effectiveness

Items Nomal Anger Tired
Shock Trap -sec -sec -sec
Pitfall Trap -sec -sec -sec
Flash Bomb 30sec 20sec -sec

Chameleos Walkthrough


It has ability to turn the color of its body same surrounding.In short, it can become transparent.
It is Elder Dragon which is called “Mist Dragon”.
It uses tricky attacks.For example,it attack with poison,steal your items,rushes to hunters while it become transparent.
It appear from Guild Rank three.
It came to cause mist for hunter’s getting hard to see from MHGen.

Walkthrough points

  • The most effective attribute is fire,The next is Dragon.
  • You should take measures against poison because it use poison.It is the best measure to have Negate Poison.You should take some Antidotes even if you don’t have Negate Poison.
  • You should attack from the side because it often moves Poizon Breath or Tongue lash toward.
  • You should have Anti-Theft if you don’t like to be steal by Chameleos.
  • Trap is invalid for it.Also It doesn’t get tired.
  • If it get angry,it leaks breath,get fast,increase its power,change its moves.

Chameleos’s attack pattern

Attack pattern More info
Poison ball It fires poison ball.
You don’t hit it if you are by Chameleos.The Poison ball remain for a certain time after it fell to the ground.
Jumping poison breath It jump and fire poison mist on the spot.
Damage is not so much but the mist cover a wide range surround the spot.The mist remains for a fixed time.
Springing tongue attack It springs and attacks with tongue.It is not only damage but also stealing item.
Tongue rush It swings its tongue.The tongue is Dragon attribute. It is not only damage but also stealing item.
It gives priority to foods like meats. The range of attack is a fan shape and so wide.
Rush The move is Dragon attribute.It rush straight toward a hunter.
Monster Hunter Generations(MHX):This content is to introduce Chameleos of weakness, measures.
Describe the breakable parts and effectivenes.
It is easy to avoid because the move is slow.
But you should take care of the attack if it is invisible.
Tail slam It slam the tail.

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