Kirin : Walkthrough and Weakness point

Monster Hunter Generations(MHGen):This content is guide kirin of weakness, measures. In addition to describe the breakable parts and effectivenes.


  • Kirin


state Cut Imp shot Fire Water ice Thun. dra
Horn Horn Horn ×

Element/Status Effectiveness

Hitzone Cut Imp Shot Fire Water ice Thun. Dra
Head 40 (50) 40 (50) 35 (45) 5 5 0 5 5
Torso 24 24 20 15 (10) 15 (10) 0 10 5
Forelegs 25 (28) 25 (28) 30 (32) 5 5 0 5 5
Torso (Below) 27 (15) 27 (15) 25 (15) 15 (10) 15 (10) 0 10 5

Status Effectiveness

Status Damage Dulation Effective
Poison 60 30sec
Paralysis ×
Sleep 40sec
Stun 10sec
Fatigue 100

Item Effectiveness

Items Nomal Anger Tired
Shock Trap
Pitfall Trap
Flash Bomb

Kirin Walkthrough


It is Elder Dragon.It wears thunder and it moves very fast.
It is hard to hit your attacks becouse it move around quickly.Also its head is very hard.

IT wears thunder when it is angry.Its body become harder and it move actively when it is angry.Its body is too hard to attack it weapons which its sharpness is white when Kirin is angry.Kirin moves everytime.It is important how you hit your attack for close range wepon user.
When it fall after mount attck is chance to attack it.You can wait for a chance to do mount attack if you have insect glaives or aerial style.

Walkthrough points

  • A one of chances to attack it is after thunderbolt.It come not to move after it causes thunderbolt for short piriod of time.
  • It fall if you give it enough damage.That time is the most long time to attack.It is easy to attack it during that time.
  • Its low body become too harder to attack it with wepons which it is white sharpness when it is angry.It become faster and more powerful.
  • The head is soft when it is angry.
  • Sleeping state is effective.Barrel Bomb L+ is effective during its sleeping.That is called”Sleeping bomer”
  • It drops materials if you succeeds mount attack.

Kirin attack pattern

Attack pattern More info
Thunderbolt It causes thunderbolt forward or around itself.It stop for short priod of time after the move.You can attack it safety during that time.
Thunderbolt rush It rushes after it neighs.Thunderbolt follows it.
Successive Rush It rushes repeatedly.You shouldn’t be careless if you avoid the move once.
Rearleg kick It kick buckward by rearlegs.It often uses the move when there are hunters its behind.It is chance to attack after the move.

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