Possible Third Person View Gameplay? [Resident Evil 7/ RE7]

Resident Evil has always used first person view for their games. However, one fellow netizen managed to discover a third person option in the Resident Evil 7 teaser demo.

Third person gameplay in a horror game

People have their preferences when it comes to playing horror games. For people who wish to scare themselves witless, they would prefer first person. But for those who play for the thrill of survival, they might prefer third person point of view to spot any incoming enemies. However, Capcom took a different approach for this game. While most of their games featured the protagonist in the third person, Resident Evil 7 revealed a game in the first person. But recently this year, youtuber Tom Humble (username) revealed a few screenshots of how Resident Evil 7 looks in the third person.

Teaser Demo in Third Person View

Source: Youtube

Based on the youtuber’s post, it seems you can modify the game into Third Person View. This then will bring you back to the time when the TV crew was investigating the Duvley Haunted House. While this character may not be Ethan, the mod they used for this one is Clancy. Other than the fact he could be running in line for the first Headless Horseman in the RE franchise, the model doesn’t lose much quality.

“Look momma! No head!”

It’s here where people see how smooth the animation and motion capture blend in with the model. The hands visibly drop the rattling plate. When Clancy tries to open the refrigerator, there are visible signs of struggle. When playing in third person view, it sometimes gives you the chance to appreciate the work put into the game. You get to see even the tiniest details such as the creases on the clothes and the shading.

“Freeze! FBI!”

But whether or not it can be played in Third Person or First Person boils down to preference. Some like seeing the horror pop up in their face. The others want the security of being able to see everything around them. Since we’ve seen a good portion of what Resident Evil 7 will be like, the only thing we’re waiting for now is the origin of the whole game. Why choose some random person like Ethan Winters? Who dumped the virus onto the Bakers? What virus is running around now? We can only wait. After all, it’s only 13 days left until the debut of the most awaited installation of Resident Evil.

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my opinion is I’m 43 years old. I’ve played. Residentie. But since it came out. Back today, why screw up a good thing I put the first person I hate for? did y’all put it in first I’m not wasting my money on it. Because. Y’all started it in third person and it was good. It still scares the crap out of. Not everybody likes first person views because I like to see Mommy. It’s like real life, I like the building. That’s all I gotta say.

I Have. Played. Resident. Evil. Ever. Sense. thay came out with it. Years ago. if we don’t. Get. The chance. Do you play? the game that we gotten used to in third person. Is a big mistake? and I will not play or buy it. Because I can’t stand. First person view.