Resident Evil 7: Biohazzard – The Dark and Bloody Opening Demo

Resident Evil 7: Biohazzard is the latest release of the Resident Evil series. It's known to bring back the traditional and subtle jump-scare.

Resident Evil 7’s Opening Demo

Unlike the usual Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 7 works to bring back the traditional jump-scare type of horror game. The story begins with an isolated cabin in the middle of the forest with a haunting aura around it. In the middle of the forest full of dead trees and the dark skies, it sets the stage for the perfect single-effect story. The terror that chills through the bones, the suspense that curls the very ends of your hair – this is what Resident Evil 7 is all about.

Resident Evil 7

So it begins…

The prologue begins at the dilapidated house. Roaming through the darkness, I find myself struggling to grab my flashlight. After shining some light on the situation, the room around me shows clear signs of neglect. The wooden walls are chipped and rotting out. The fuse box has black soot covering its dusty and dirty cables. The carpet lay crumpled on the ground. The decorations around the house lay in shattered piece. Looking towards the walls, the paintings stare back at me with its sinister and ominous stare. The room lay in absolute silence.

No sign of angry and hungry zombies here.

With room being eerily empty and devoid of life, I walked into the hallway with my flashlight. Each step caused the wooden floorboards to creak under my footsteps. The flashlight shines its light through the hallway as I make my way to the next few rooms.


Resident Evil 7
Looks like someone forgot their dinner? source:

Every step has the floorboards creaking. The wood, rotted through, cracks under each step until you reach the kitchen. The light barely shines through the blinds in the kitchen. The sink is filled with mould with fungus covering all nooks and corners of the sink. The steel clearly lost its sheen after neglect. In the sink, it’s been clearly used to try and wash away evidence. Bloodstains covered the sink with certain leftovers of entrails. Opening the fridge won’t do either. Once you open it, it’s clear that there has been also an attempt to disguise a gruesome murder. Inside the fridge, a mass of scarred tissue is stuffed at the highest shelf of the fridge with blood dripping from the racks. No one bothered even to try and hide it properly. Since looking at that, I don’t think I would look at the refrigerator the same way ever again.

With that, I leave the kitchen and hope to find other things around the home.


Walking into the bathroom and seeing blood would have been normal if you were a girl. But seeing an entire toilet bowl filled blood shows that someone just vomited their guts out. The pipes lining the walls are broken with a miss valve. Because of the missing valve, it’s impossible to drain the blood-filled toilet. The toilet bowl is filled to the brim with it about to spill out. The sink has hairs that have fallen off the head or probably have been ripped off from. From whom they came from, nobody knows.

The Upstairs

Resident Evil 7
You’d think they’d go all chop-chop on you. source:

I climbed the upstairs, fighting the psychological fear of something lunging into my face. When I reached the top, three naked female mannequins pose on the side. A sinister portrait hangs on the wall and since the lamp seemingly flickered, it left an ominous shade.

With nothing left to look for, I headed back down the stairs.

So, what exactly happened in the house?

While in the house, I found a videotape of the last souls who had ever entered the house. Curiosity wins me over as I stick it into the VHS player to figure out what the tape was all about. There, we find out that a news crew had tried to cover the house but had mysteriously vanished. Realizing that someone had murdered them and could possibly still be in the house, the only thing I could really do was run and get the hell out before things got ugly.

Resident Evil 7: Resurrecting the Old Traditional Jump-Scare

So, that’s RE7: Biohazzard. No longer dabbling in the whole action-filled, zombie blasting game that the former games used to be. This dabbles in a more sinister force and reveals the dark psyche within humanity. The bloody and gruesome side of the human mind reveals itself more in Resident Evil as the people learn the story of The Bakers’.


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