Bahamut confirmed as an Astral? [Final Fantasy XV/ FF 15]

Bahamut confirmed as an Astral?

Bahamut in FFXIV

The E3 trailer for Final Fantasy XV has just been released. But there’s a problem. There’s still no signs of the Eidolon champion of Bahamut himself being summon-able. After all, what kind of Final Fantasy game would it be if the grand king of dragons won’t show up?

However, there’s good news. Mat Kishimoto somewhat confirmed his appearance in Final Fantasy XV:

E3 Host: “Wow.. The world looks so beautiful!!”

Mat: “I know, right? The development team really did an impressive job with this!”

E3 Host: “oooo And the Summons! is Carbuncle in this game??”

Mat: “Ahaa! Yes, so.. You can actually receive Carbuncle as a “bonus item” if you play the Platinum Demo that we showed off a–”

E3 Host: “Ooooo! What about Bahamut!? Is Bahamut in the game as well??”

Mat: “…………………………….”

[6 seconds of awkward silence passes]

Mat: “……. We can neither confirm, nor deny the existence of Bahamut in Final Fantasy XV…!”


According to the forums, the question caught Kishimoto off-guard in regards to Bahamut showing up. There was a long “awkward pause” before he could gather himself to answer the question. However, the many concept arts that have been uploaded show signs that king of the Eidolons won’t just be any regular Astral. But a pivotal Astral that could change the course of the game.

Are there clues?

Another easter egg drop for a clue on the astral’s appearance was on Iedolas Aldercapt’s coat:

Bahamut insignia

This shot is from the movie Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive. Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive reveals the reason why Noctis and his merry band of friends are currently on the run. It reveals how Insomnia fell into the hands of Niflheim through lies and deceit based on a treaty. However, if one were to take a closer look on his back, there’s a dark red embroidery. The red embroidery, if one looks closely, resembles a dragon. It could mean several things:

  • He’ll be in Final Fantasy XV but, as a boss you’ll have to kill.
  • Bahamut is in Final Fantasy XV but, non-playable and just an insignia.
  • He’s there in Final Fantasy XV but, you have to look for him and it’s gonna take a looooong while
  • Bahamut will not show up at all.

We’re hoping it’s not the last one. But if he does show up, we’re praying that he’s a usable Astral in the game. Don’t break the people’s hearts, Square Enix!

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