[News] English Fallout: Nevada Total Conversion mod for Fallout 2 has been released!

This is a Samurai Gamer’s News Article on Fallout Nevada. Here you will learn all about the new total conversion mod for the classic Fallout 2.

Fallout Nevada English Version is Out!

Before there were the Fallouts 4, ShelterNew Vegas, or 3, there were the Interplay Fallouts. Up to now they have a fanbase that vigorously negates any mention of the Bethesda-made RPGs. This same fanbase–a lot of which that happen to be Russian–have created a total conversion mod called Fallout: Nevada. (Or Fallout of Nevada).

fallout nevada
The all-new title screen for Fallout Nevada.

Where to Download

  • If you are a member of No Mutants Allowed, one of the many long-lived Fallout forums, you can download it here.
  • A mirror download link can be found here.

New Fallout Content

Using the same engine and assets as the original Fallout and Fallout 2, this mod will be for players who have played the aforementioned games and just simply want newer content and an incredibly fulfilling storyline. Nevada carries over the ideologies and feel 0f  Fallout 2. Of importance in this game will be the social, economic, and psychological consequences of the player’s actions. The gameplay promises to have more complexity when it comes to the battle system.

New features include a new story for the player to devour, as well as nine new locations to explore. There are a few locations that need to be remodeled, as well as a whopping 12 new random encounters.

The player will enjoy more than a hundred new quests and situations, as well as a lot of game dialogues, weapons, drugs, items, and the like. And like a cherry on top, the devs have provided a new soundtrack and FMVs.

I am personally excited to be back in Nevada before the time of New Vegas and to fight ideological  (and combative) battles against other factions once more. After all, war…war never changes.

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