Mia: Dead or Alive? [Resident Evil 7]

Mia Winters is Ethan's wife and the reason why he bothered going up to the haunted house at all. The question now is why and is she still alive? Because as far as Ethan is concerned, she's dead.

Who the heck is Mia?

Mia is a pivotal supporting character in Resident Evil 7. The wife of the main character, she is the reason why Ethan Winters heads to Louisiana to check the Dulvey Haunted House. It’s there that Ethan finds himself trapped in the house of the sinister Baker Family. When trapped in the house, Ethan is forced to survive and sneak around in order to prevent himself from being slaughtered. However, this still leaves the question. Is Mia alive or not?

Alive but no longer Mia

Mia Monster
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If you recall the initial demo of Resident Evil 7, it show-cased the tape of Clancy, Pete, and Andre doing a video about Sewer Gators. But that’s not the important part. The real important part is when both Clancy and Pete are captured. When the two men get captured, Pete tries to free Clancy only to get stabbed by an unknown woman.

When you think about it, Mia vanished inside the Dulvey House. News pronounced her dead and Ethan lived his life without her. But so did the Bakers. The Baker family holed themselves in their mansion with nobody knowing whether they were dead or alive. With Jack Baker’s obsession to make someone “one of the family”, it is possible that Mia became their first victim and became exactly like them.

And how she made the call despite being like the Bakers? Despite being infected, the Bakers showed signs of thought and were capable of making decisions (even if they weren’t the most sound ones).

Alive and kicking Mia

Mia - video
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There’s a part in Resident Evil 7 where one gets to play Mia while trying to escape Marguerite Baker. Another part is, fans data-mined parts when Ethan finds Mia. He cuts his wife’s bonds off and they are off to escape together. Another thing that seems to support this is the fact that Mia is the one who made the call to him to head towards Duvley, Louisiana.

The next question is – why only now? She stayed in the Duvley House for quite some time. Anyone who stayed there would have gone insane.

Considering how the Bakers are, she needed to avoid them like the plague. Fighting them is out of the question; all members have some enhanced regenerative abilities and superhuman strength. Survival is the only thing she can do without making much of a ruckus. Also, considering a sociopathic mind-set, they wouldn’t need

Dead Mia

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Living in the house for the Bakers, completely undetected for the last 2 years, doesn’t seem probable. The Bakers as is are over-powered with immortality and are on the constant look-out for human guts to fuel themselves. So, the thing is – who called Ethan? It’s possible that the Bakers could have used a form of a recording to attract Ethan there.

Another is, some Mia’s items are lying around. Items such as a knife, a chainsaw, and other things are under her name. Maybe she tried to get out a few times?

Conclusion of Mia’s Fate

As for now, nobody’s sure what happened to Mia. All we know is that she called Ethan to the Duvley Haunted House. Will she be alive? Or is she dead? Is she going to turn against Ethan? Nobody really knows. The only thing we can do now is wait for the game to come out before finding out what truly what happened to her.

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Spoilers Ahead!!:

Yes Mia is alive. She survived the ship’s destructions.

Eveline, under mindcontrol, forced Mia to call her husband under the pretence of finding her.
Eventually latter on on the game, there is a choice: give the antivirus to Mia or Zoe.
So she is alive, yes. (Good Ending) or if the antivirus was given go Zoe and Mia accepts her fate and says “kill the little bitch”