More Datamined RE7 Spoilers [Resident Evil 7/REVII]

Warning: from this point onward, you’re walking on spoiler territory. Be warned.

Capcom released Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour last monday, to the delight of many fans of the PC Master race. With its PC release also came the dataminers–people who  go through the game files, looking for clues in the code. Whether Capcom intentionally left these information in the code or not, we have a lot to digest before January 24.

A user on Neogaf named Jaw Muncher made a thread to leak the spoilers. Here are some significant things we  found from the datamined information.

Resident Evil 7 will varying Game Modes

There are three “normal” difficulty modes: Casual, Normal, and Hard. Hard difficulty is unlocked by beating the game. There are also other modes like “Destroy Mr. Everywhere,” “Time Attack,” “Birthday,” “TU2” which will all be unlocked by finishing the game.  

We might face off against Mia Winters, our playable character’s estranged wife

Jaw Mucher saw that there might be a battle against Mia Winters, who called your character to find her. There are codes called “Mia Enemy,” “Mia battle,” littered through chapter 9 of the game.

We also know that Mia will brandish both a knife and a chainsaw. However, Mia is not similar to Jack, who continues to pursue your player character.

RE7’s first four DLCs will feature varied gameplay

According to the original poster, the four DLCs will feature minigames. The first DLC is a puzzle-focused chapter, where you answer riddles and other puzzles. There seems to be nothing else but puzzles for this DLC.

Next, Jaw Muncher surmises that there will be a card game. It isn’t clear at this point in time, but it does include mechanics like bluff. There will be a reward, based on how yo udid well in the minigame.

The third DLC is a survival mode. Jaw Muncher says that it has multiple stages, with 10 waves each.

Finally, the fourth DLC provides the player with a chapter through the eyes of Lucas Baker. There will be varied endings based on player choice.

Resident Evil 7 will have a big arsenal of weapons

The leak tells us that there are at least 4 unlockable handguns in-game: “Handgun,” “Handgun_M19,” “Handgun_G17,” and Handgun_MPM.” We know that “M19” is the M1911 pistol we have seen in the demo, while the G17 handgun is the glock we saw in the promotional materials. However, “MPM” is different. My best guess is that it’s the same gun Claire first used in Resident Evil Revelations 2. 

There are also four shotguns: “Shotgun,” “Shotgun_m37,” “Shotgun_M37s”, and “Shotgun_DB.” The last one is possibly a double-barreled shotgun. 

There are also m any, many melee weapons to use:  a Fire Axe, combat knife, a “bar” (a lead pipe?), a kitchen knife, a chain cutter, screw driver, shovel, roller, Lantern Bar, and even a shard of glass. 

Finally, there will be a devastating weapon in the machine gun and magnum.  There’s also possible unlockables in the hyper-blaster, blue blaster, and red blaster. I’m pretty sure they’re either red herrings or nods to Silent Hill’s hyper blaster of the same name.

While the horror has been amped up, there is still a lot of empowerment when it comes to weapons.

While the traditional RE rocket launcher doesn’t seem to turn up in the game files, your character will apparently find an assortment of bombs as well as a grenade launcher. There are liquid bombs, and timed bombs. 


We should know that all these might be massive Red Herrings thrown at us. However, that shouldn’t keep us from speculating. The only way we’ll know to be sure if all these spoilers are true is to wait until January 24, RE7’s seminal release date.

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