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MU Legend open beta kicks off this week. This page contains open beta information and the details of the playable classes in the game.

MU Legend Open Beta Kicks Off

One of the earliest MMOs of last decade comes back in revolutionized fashion. MU Legend is a new hack ‘n’ slash online action RPG game that expands the lore and world of its predecessor, MU Online. The MU Legend open beta launch started last Tuesday, allowing players to choose from five unique classes. Players can engage the game through solo and party play in different maps and battlefields across the MU world and Pandemonium.

MU Legend Open Beta

Source: MU Legend Facebook Page

To assure players that the action RPG would be fully working, the game went through a two closed beta tests and one stress test. Webzen‘s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dennis Cyzbulka noted to the players:

Now, the fun starts for the fans, and our attention is focused entirely on making their game experience the most unforgettable yet. We’re excited for players to experience first-hand the passion that we’ve put into MU Legend and look forward to seeing them all in-game

All the in-game data gathered from the open data will be retained, such as characters, purchases, and equipment. Moreover, Webzen developers are planning to deploy updates and extensions like combat features before the year ends.


MU Legend Classes

The MU Legend open beta will introduce five playable classes: 1) Dark Lord, 2) Blader, 3) War Mage, 4) Whisperer and 5) Emphasizer. The playable classes are gender-locked, with the melee characters represented by males and the range characters by females. In addition, each player can choose a race (e.g. Bladers have Humans and Kanturu).

MU Legend Dark Lord

Source: Webzen YouTube Channel

The first class to be introduced is the pure tanker-type, Dark Lord. Webzen describes the class as:

A class with balance offense and defense, based on its high health and defense. Specializes in powerful area attacks, and has the tactical role of protecting and boosting allies.

Source: Webzen YouTube Channel

The second class is the physical melee damager-type, Blader. Webzen describes further as:

Devastates enemies on the frontline with a combination of quick charge skills and various crowd controls skills. High mobility allows the Blader to function as a melee attacker and a frontline attack.

Source: Webzen YouTube Channel

The War Mage, the third class, is a magical AoE (Area of Effect) caster-type but can also be built in a magical melee form. Webzen describes the mage as:

Has relatively low health and defense, but can deliver the most powerful area attacks. You can build your War Mage in many ways, such as mage-type using a staff or an assassin-type wielding a sword.

Source: Webzen YouTube Channel

The fourth class, Whisperer, can go both physical DPS (Damage per Second) and AoE (Area of Effect) range-type. Webzen further describes:

Powerful ranged damage dealer with high mobility. Capable of employing a wide range of strategies, utilizing not only bows but alos traps, smoke sheels, and the power of nature.

Source: YouTube

The fifth and last class, the Emphasizer, is unique range/caster-type making use telekinesis as her main arsenal. This class was later added along with the open beta. Webzen, in detail, describes:

Based on its ability to awaken a lost power to control objects and mind, an Emphasizer can freely manipulate weapons to make ranged attacks , immobilize or mind-control a small group of targets.

Game Trailer

Take a look at the MU Legend open beta trailer below:

Source: Webzen YouTube Channel

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