Android Release of Super Mario Run? [Super Mario Run]

Looks like we're going to be sipping tea for a bit, Android Users. The Android Super Mario Run won't be released until the early 2017.

When is the Android Super Mario Run debut?

Unfortunately for us Android users, we don’t have a definite date. The Android Super Mario Run doesn’t have a definite date for its release. Many of the iOS users complained about the release date of Super Mario Run even being slightly delayed. On December 15, 2016, Super Mario Run made its debut as an iOS app where players could relive the nostalgia of the old Nintendo games.

Android Super Mario Run
Looks like we’ll be sipping tea for a bit. – Android Users

But why iOS first?

Since its debut in a Fall Apple Event, the corporate giant of Apple obviously had first dibs. According to the creator, the reason for selling it to Apple first was due to security. The exclusivity of the app would at least prevent any malicious viruses or any misuse of the app. It would also prevent piracy as Apple’s programming was more exclusive than that of Android. Due to their fear of piracy, Nintendo made the choice to make Super Mario Run only available on Apple to keep it contained with a limited amount of devices. Also, this is one of the bigger steps they have made. While they made programs only for their exclusive devices, to create one for a more popular device was a big step.

Android Users: Looks like we’re gonna be sippin’ tea for a bit.

However, it doesn’t mean that Android users have to fret. It’s a bit of a waiting game. But nevertheless, we know that the Android Super Mario Run will come out some time in 2017. While it’s a bit of a blur, it’s most likely going to come out in the early quarters of 2017. The love for Super Mario is not something that people would shove aside so easily. As it is one of the first games since the time of the Nintendo 64, having a modern day adaptation can appease the sense of nostalgia in old-time gamers. But while waiting, Android users will notice that there are already knock-offs in the Google Playstore. As this was also one of the reasons why Nintendo avoided putting it out for Android, the Android users will be waiting for a bit and playing other games while waiting.

Unfortunately, this may cause the game itself to lose some of its luster the moment it comes out.

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