Resident Evil 7: Data-Mined Spoilers [Resident Evil 7: Biohazard]

If you're okay in taking in spoilers and not gonna go crazy about it then, you've been warned. Some parts of the Resident Evil 7 demo has revealed certain plots that may link it to the former Resident Evil games.

Consent to read data-mined spoilers:

Before you proceed to burn your pretty eyes onto these spoilers, we are assuming that you’re okay with spoilers. Especially the kind of spoilers that have been data-mined straight from the code. The moment you have clicked the link, you have consciously and willfully understand the consequences of going through this article. If that’s the case then, you’ve been warned.

Here come the data-mined spoilers…

In Resident Evil 7, fans have data-mined the demo which seems to give away a lot of spoilers and Easter Eggs. One of the strings they found makes multiple references to someone named “Albert”. Now, why would they put the name “Albert”? Who the heck is Albert? For those who played Resident Evil, people know who Albert is. There’s only one Albert in Resident Evil and it’s none other than…

data-mined - Albert

Well lookie here, it’s none other than good ‘ol Albert Wesker. Despite the multiple references, at the moment – the coded string containing Albert’s name only reveals that his equipment and his weapon are in the game. With a bit of data mining from the demo, fans pulled out more suggestive filenames such as LastBossGetAlbert and LastBossFinishGetGun. According to some of the fans, other filenames and programming strings have revealed some suggestive notion that Albert may show up.

Hold up, this guy already kicked the bucket!

While many fans assumed that Albert may rise from the grave, Capcom confirmed he wouldn’t. So the next question is – who’s Albert? And why bring back a Wesker? In this case, some have assumed that it’s not Albert that they’re bringing back. The name “Albert” is actually a misleading string. It may refer to any other Wesker such as Eveline Wesker or Jake Muller, Albert Wesker’s son.

Although we don’t know for sure, there will at least be a few easter eggs referencing the old Resident Evil Games. However, does anyone really know if Albert Wesker’s going to be crawling out of his grave? Nobody knows. We’ll just have to wait until Resident Evil 7 comes out.

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