Game Review / Writer's blog - Youtube channel’s series ‘Slippin Out’ explores the hidden camera secrets in Resident Evil 4!

Slippin out discovers a lot of secrets that Resident Evil 4 developers did not intend their players see unless they look for them very, very hard.

Hidden Camera Secrets in Resident Evil

Resident Evil 7 was a massive return to its survival horror roots, but with the flair and feel of newer games like Outlast. Because of its efforts, it has reaped a lot of great reviews because of its gameplay and story. However, before this game shipped out and was lauded by fans, the last game people unanimously loved was the fourth game of the series.

Now an icon of the early 2000s, Resident Evil 4 boasts a huge number of awards from many, many magazines for its radical change of gameplay. Even yours truly enjoyed his time playing this on the Nintendo Wii, having finished it nearly thrice because it was just that fun.

Well, Youtube Channel Slippy Slides, maker of the ‘Slippin Out’ series, recently released a episode exploring the “behind the scenes” (literally) of the game world of RE4. 

You can watch it here:

Slippin’ out explores unseen parts of video games. Other games Slippin’ Out covered are Super Mario 64, and Alien Isolation.

New things I learned from Slippin’ Out

  • At 1:33, you can clearly see Leon and Hunnigan’s character models as Leon communicates with her through radio. Their bodies can only be seen above the waist onwards. Many characters have a lot of detailed textures in spite of the player only seeing their heads.
  • Most of the time, the UI itself is a pair of black bars floating and following Leon around. Meanwhile, a lot of background content in-game are textures that go beyond the player’s line of sight most of the time.
  • There are mysteriously stacked items outside some areas, like in 6:17. More than that, you can see an unknowable note in 7:10.
  • Most models heard before seen are only sound effects. Luis Sera, for example, (4:48) doesn’t have a model in the closet. Ashley seems to be an exception. In fact, she can be seen hiding and ducking and closing her eyes, reacting to noise inside a trashbin. (8:45)
  • There’s a nice and unseen animation in the mining area around 16:50. Slippy says it looks like a kaleidoscope.
  • Around 20:30, the narrator shows you what is most likely the oldest secret easter egg in Resident Evil 4. It’s a cutout of what seems to be one of the developers peering through a pillar. Like everything in this video, it can only be accessed by using a fly cam. Slippy Slides claims that he alone has seen this easter egg.
  • A lot of weird and unseen things are undetailed, including the helicopter that helps out Leon, Leon’s mouth itself, and the Salazar castle backdrop in (15:01), notably actually rendered in 3d than simply textured.

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