Pokemon Sword and Shield - Battle Tower Holly

Holly (Battle Tower) Post Game Guide

December 12, 2019 Ersatz Ifrit 0

Battle Tower Guide for Trainer Schoolgirl Holly Recommended Pokemon Ghost: Froslass, Golurk, Dusknoir, Gengar, Gourgeist, Chandelure, Shedninja Electric: Boltund, Manectric, Jolteon, Raichu, Vikavolt, Toxtricity Ice: Lapras, Weavile, Mr. Rime, Glaceon, Vanilluxe, Delibird, Mamoswine, Froslass, Glalie, [ … ]

Death Stranding - Walkthrough and Guide

Structures and Facilities Guide

December 12, 2019 Wolf Knight 0

Structures and Facilities Requirements Various structures and facilities can be built within an established chiral network. To begin construction, you must first have the necessary portable chiral constructor (PCC) and materials. Structures and facilities can [ … ]

Death Stranding - Walkthrough and Guide

Likes Guide

December 11, 2019 Wolf Knight 0

Likes Likes are a form of non-currency reward in Death Stranding. They are obtained through a variety of ways and have a major effect on gameplay. There are two types of likes you can obtain. [ … ]

Death Stranding - Walkthrough and Guide

Tips for Fighting BTs

December 11, 2019 Wolf Knight 0

Fighting BTs Gazers Observe the direction of the scanner It is important to avoid gazers as much as possible during timefall. Since they are airborne and mostly invisible, you will need to rely on the [ … ]

Death Stranding - Walkthrough and Guide

Standard Order List

December 11, 2019 Wolf Knight 1

Standard Orders Standard orders are optional delivery missions that have no impact on the main story. They are mainly undertaken to earn likes and other rewards. Story Orders List Capital Knot City   No. Mission [ … ]

Breeding Guide

December 10, 2019 Rin Tohsaka 0

Overview Breeding Pokemon is a recurring feature in the world of Pokemon since Generation 2. With breeding, trainers can obtain a Pokemon with their desired nature, stats, moves, and to some extent shininess. How to [ … ]

Death Stranding - Walkthrough and Guide

Game Controls and Settings

December 10, 2019 Wolf Knight 0

Controls and Settings Controls Input Command Left analog stick Move/select item Right analog stick Camera L3 Sprint stop R3 Camera switch to left/right ○ Stand/crouch × Jump △ Load cargo □ Action L1 Compass (hold) [ … ]

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