Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting BTs

Tips for fighting BTs, reccuring enemies in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting BTs

Fighting BTs


Observe the direction of the scanner

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting BTs

It is important to avoid gazers as much as possible during timefall. Since they are airborne and mostly invisible, you will need to rely on the odradek scanner to know where they are.

The odradek scanner will always face the direction where it detects BTs so move the opposite way. Be sure to crouch down to reduce the noise you make while sneaking.

Hold your breath

When relatively far from BTs, the odradek scanner’s “fans” will glow blue. Watch out for when it turns orange as it means that you are dangerously close to a BT. When this happens, hold your breath by holding R1 and move in the opposite the direction that the scanner is facing.

Severing BT umbilical cords

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting BTs

Upon beginning Order No. 46 of the story, you will be able to easily kill gazers with the special cuff links given by Mama. After determining the position of the BT, hold your breath and approach them carefully from behind. Press the □ button to sever their umbilical cord and kill them.

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Shake them off

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting BTs

When you are grabbed by hunters, press the □ button to shake them off. Note that doing so will reduce your patience gauge and will cause you to get pulled under when it runs out.

Grip for balance

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting BTs

You can also break from hunters by pressing L2 + R2 while standing. The action will also use up some of your patience so you will get caught if it drops too low.


Get on buildings and floating debris

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting BTs

Being submerged in tar significantly reduces your mobility when up against catchers. When the fight begins, get up on buildings and other stable ground to make it easier to avoid the BT’s attacks.

Reposition yourself regularly

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting BTs

Over time, buildings and other stable platforms will sink to the bottom of the area. Newer buildings, however, will occasionally emerge in random locations. This means that you should constantly move around when fighting catchers to avoid finding yourself submerged in the tar and in line for the BT’s attack.

Useful items such as blood bags and hematic grenades are also found at random points of the battlefield. Take the time to collect as you hop from building to building.

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