Arena of Valor Murad 2

Murad Hero Guide

January 16, 2018 Junior Representative 0

Murad’s Item Builds Murad’s Stats and Abilities Overview Murad is an assassin that can deal out large amounts of damage without putting himself in danger. His abilities allow him to dash around the battlefield and [ … ]

Arena of Valor Banner Battle Scene

Hero Item Builds List

January 12, 2018 Junior Representative 6

Hero Item Builds List Item Guide Tank Arum – Brawling Beasts Orb of the Magi Gilded Greaves The Aegis Frosty’s Revenge Gaia’s Standard Amulet of Longevity ▶ See more Arum Item Builds Baldum – The [ … ]

Arena of Valor Tel'annas

Tel’annas Hero Guide

January 11, 2018 Junior Representative 0

Tel’Annas’ Item Builds Tel’Annas’ Stats and Abilities Overview Tel’Annas is a marksman who can deal consistant damage from a very long range. Her abilities allow her to deal a mixture of magic and physical damage [ … ]

Arena of Valor Lauriel

Lauriel Hero Guide

January 10, 2018 Junior Representative 0

Lauriel’s Item Builds Lauriel’s Stats and Abilities Overview Lauriel is a very mobile mage/assassin who can deal a lot of damage while constantly regenerating health. She is best played focusing on items that increase her [ … ]

Arena of Valor Ryoma

Ryoma Hero Guide

January 9, 2018 Junior Representative 0

Ryoma’s Item Builds Ryoma’s Stats and Abilities Ryoma Overview Ryoma is an offensively focused warrior assassin proficient at wearing down opponents with a mastery of his naginata. He is able to provide large amounts of [ … ]

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