Death Stranding - Likes Guide

A guide to likes in Death Stranding. Included are they types of likes, their effects on gameplay, and tips on earning them.

Death Stranding - Likes Guide


Likes are a form of non-currency reward in Death Stranding. They are obtained through a variety of ways and have a major effect on gameplay.

There are two types of likes you can obtain. These are those received from NPCs and those from other players.

From NPCs

NPCs will usually give you likes for any of the actions below.

  • Completing orders
  • Delivering lost cargo

Likes from NPCs affect each of the features below.

  • Intimacy with the NPC
  • The chiral traffic limit.

Raising your intimacy with NPCs unlocks a number of useful features such as establishing delivery terminals and equipment design data.

Increasing the chiral traffic, meanwhile, allows you to build more structures in the field.

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From Other Players

Players will give you likes for any of the actions below.

  • Building or placing useful structures in the field
  • Sharing equipment in postboxes
  • Delivering a player’s lost cargo to its destination

Structures and objects placed  strategically and at convenient locations will likely be used by other players. You will also earn likes by helping a player deliver their lost cargo to its intended destination.

Likes from other players affect each of the features below.

  • Bridge link level
  • Strand contract limit

Bridge Link and Strand Contract

Tips to Get Likes

Place structures and facilities in convenient spots

Other players will use any of your placed structures and objects if they can easily be found in the world. Try to position them in spots that you think will be safe and convenient for players to use.

Build near bases

Installing useful facilities near distribution centers and waystations lets other players easily notice them. This lets you earn many likes quickly as many people will be traveling back and forth between destinations throughout the main story.

Placing signs in humorous ways

Signs are a good way to give off humor if placed in certain locations. For example, players may find it funny if you put a “No Urination” sign at a hot spring. They may send likes for the comical act.

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Structures to build for earning likes

Paved Roads

Death Stranding - Likes Guide

Contributing the most number of required materials for building a paved road lets you earn up to a thousand likes in a matter of minutes. Delivering more materials than anyone else, however, will be a challenge.

Safe Houses

Death Stranding - Likes Guide

The safe house is a very convenient structure that allows players to retire to a private room at any time when out in the field. The amount of materials to build a safe house is quite hefty as well but other players are sure to appreciate stumbling on one during deliveries.


Death Stranding - Likes Guide

Since many rivers and valleys are found around the world, bridges will be among the most useful structures for players.

The equipment required to build a bridge is quite heavy at 80 kg. It is recommended to construct bridges after clearing order no. 19 to obtain the power skeleton.


Death Stranding - Likes Guide

Generators can be built very early during the main story and will be especially useful when placed near bases. It is an easy way to collect likes from players.

Timefall Shelters

Death Stranding - Likes Guide

Staying at timefall shelters gradually restores the condition of cargo. Such facilities are always appreciated by other players during their deliveries.


Death Stranding - Likes Guide

Zip-lines are among the most useful structures you can build for other people. These allow for faster travel to and from various locations and are particularly convenient for other players in the mid to late game stages. Note that you can only build a zip-line if there is an existing one within range that you can connect to.

Structures and Facilities

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