[League of Legends / LoL] Commands and Hotkeys

This page contains a list of commands and hotkeys that you can input during a match and outside a match in League of Legends (LoL). These commands helps players to easily access certain functions in the game.

Commands and Hotkeys

In-Game Chat Commands

You can input these commands during a match using the in-game chat:

Command Description
Ctrl+5 Toggles the effect for the chosen champion
Ctrl+6 Displays the Mastery Emote
/help Shows a list of commands and their function
/surrender or /ff Starts a vote for team surrender
/remake Starts vote to remake/rematch a game if one or more players are afk (away from keyboard)
/joke /j or Ctrl+1 View Champion’s joke.
/taunt /t or Ctrl+2 View Champion’s taunt.
/dance /d or Ctrl+3 View the Champion dance sequence.
/laugh /l or Ctrl+4 View the Champion’s laugh animation.

Commands Outside a Match

In PvP.net, you can chat with your friends who are currently in an on-going match by opening a chat window in your buddy list.

Command Description
/w or /msg “summoner name” Sends a message to another player. Player usernames are case sensitive.
/r or /reply Sends a message to the last player who messaged you.
/all Sends a message to all players in an on-going match

Commands for Blocking Messages

Command Description
/mute “summoner name” Mutes all messages from a player during an on-going match.
/mute all Mutes messages from all players during an on-going match.
/ignore “summoner name” Mutes a player during a game session and all subsequent game sessions.
/ignore all Mute all players during a game session and all subsequent game sessions.


These hotkeys are programmed for the QWERTY keyboard:

Key Description
Q Use champion’s 1st skill. For the abilities that target an ally or enemy champion you must follow the key by either left-clicking the champion or pressing F1-F5 to target a teammate.
W Use champion’s 2nd skill.
E Use champion’s 3rd skill
R Use champion’s 4th skill (Ultimate).
Ctrl+Q Add a skill point to the champion’s 1st skill
Ctrl+W Add a skill point to the champion’s 2nd skill.
Ctrl+E Add a skill point to the champion’s 3rd skill.
Ctrl+R Add a skill point to the champion’s ultimate skill.
Alt+Q orQ+F1 Cast champion’s 1st skill on self (must be a support spell).
Alt+W orW+F1 Cast champion’s 2nd skill on self (must be a support spell).
Alt+E or E+F1 Cast champion’s 3rd skill on self (must be a support spell).
Alt+R or R+F1 Cast champion’s ultimate skill on self (must be a support spell).
Shift+Q Smart cast champion’s 1st skill.
Shift+W Smart cast champion’s 2nd skill.
Shift+E Smart cast champion’s 3rd skill.
Shift+R Smart cast champion’s 4th skill.
A or X or Shift+right click Attack Move (Champion moves to a point and will stop to attack any enemies along the way).
Alt+right click Command Pet.
S Stop Command.
H Hold Command.
D Cast 1st Summoner spell.
F Cast 2nd Summoner spell.
Numbers (1 to3 and 5 to 7) Use item in corresponding inventory slot.
1-3 and 5-7 Use designated active skill items.
4 Use trinket.
B Recall.
Esc Close current window such as the shop.
M Open Map for the current Field of Justice.
C Open champion statistics page.
G Toggle alert ping cursor.
Y Toggle camera lock on champion.
Space Center camera on champion (holding Space will hold the camera on the champion until released).
O Open match stats page/leaderboard.
Tab Open match stats page/leaderboard (unlike O the screen will disappear when the Tab button is released).
V Toggle retreat ping cursor. Clicking with this hotkey on an allied champion (or their icon in the upper left area of the screen) will show an alert telling that specific champion to fall back.
Ctrl+L Cycle through minion health bar views.
Shift+L Turn off champion health bars.
Shift+K Turn off summoner names above champion health bars.
P Open item shop.
Arrow keys Scroll camera in the corresponding direction.
Alt+left click Ping location/Open Radial Menu.
Ctrl+left click Retreat Ping location/Open Radial Menu.
F2-F5 Move camera to corresponding ally champion (camera must be unlocked).
F12 Take a screenshot.
Alt + Removes HUD
Enter Create chat cursor.
Shift+Enter Open chat with “/all” already written.
Ctrl+F Toggle the numeric frames-per-second and latency display.
Z Open chat history.
~ (tilde key) Hold down to select or target only champions when using champion abilities or summoner spells.

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