[League of Legends / LoL] Frequently Used Terms

This page contains a list of terms that players frequently use in League of Legends (LoL). The list will serve as a guide for beginners to get into the common lingo of the game in order to communicate better with experienced players.

Frequently Used Terms

Term Definition
AA Auto attack
AoE Area of Effect
AP Ability Power
BD Backdoor (entering or sneaking through an enemy area without the help of minions)
Bot Bottom Lane/AI controlled champion
Bush The tall grass where champions can hide
Carry A player that is seen as more powerful than his/her teammates (mostly responsible for winning the game)
CC Crowd Control (limiting enemy movement)
CD Cooldown (a time limit to refresh a champion’s skill)
Clutch performing a good move during crucial moments
DC Disconnected
Dive Pursuing an enemy in a dangerous area (in enemy lanes or near an enemy turret)
DPS Damage per second
Farm/Farming Killing minions to receive EXP and gold
FB First Blood (first kill in the match)
Feeder/Feed A champion that is repeatedly killed by the enemy team
Flank Going to the enemy backline by taking an alternate route. Usually done to perform a sneak attack.
Gank A team ambushing an unsuspecting lone champion
GG Good game
Glass Cannon A champion that has high offense but poor defensive stats
Imba Imbalanced (an unfairly powerful player/champion)
Jungle A space in the battlefield populated by neutral creatures (usually fought to obtain EXP)
KS Kill Steal (an ally killing an enemy champion who is intended to be killed by another ally)
Lane A path followed by minions
Meta/Metagame The game’s latest/current playstyle (constantly changes due to patches or newly discovered gameplay)
Poke To constantly harass an enemy champion who cannot retaliate
Zone/Zoning A tactic to prevent the enemy from gaining EXP or gold

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