[League of Legends / LoL] How to Kill Epic Monsters – Dragons

This page contains a guide on how to kill the Elemental Dragons in League of Legends (LoL), including epic monster stats, abilities, rewards gained when killed, and strategy on how to defeat it.

How to Kill Epic Monsters – Dragons


Elemental Dragons

Name Cloud Drake / Infernal Drake / Mountain Drake / Ocean Drake
Health 3500 (+240 per level)
Atk Damage 50
Atk Speed
  • 1.000 (Cloud Drake)
  • 0.500 (Infernal Drake & Ocean Drake)
  • 0.250 (Mountain Drake)
Range 500
Armor 21 +5 – 69 (based on level)
Magic Res. 30 + 3 – 43 (based on level)
Mov. Speed 330
Buffs After Killing
  • Cloud Drake – Stratus Walk (grants +25/50/75
    bonus movement speed while out of combat)
  • Infernal Drake – Infernal Tribute (grants 8/16/24%
    increased attack damage and ability power)
  • Mountain Drake – Earthen Arms (grants 10/20/30% additional
    damage as true damage to Epic Monsters and turrets)
  • Ocean Drake – Heart of Oceans (restores 4/8/12% of
    missing health and missing mana over 5 seconds if not
    damaged by champions or turrets within 8 seconds)
Bounty Gold: 25 / EXP: 75 – 300
Location Initial: 2:30 (spawns at random intervals until
at 35 minutes, the Elder Dragon appears

Elder Dragon

Name Elder Dragon
Health 6400 + 180 per minute before it spaws
Atk Damage 150
Atk Speed 0.500
Range 500
Armor 120 + 5 – 69 (based on level)
Magic Res. 70 + 3 – 43 (based on level)
Mov. Speed 330
Buffs After Killing
  • Aspect of the Dragon (grants [45 x Elder Dragons slain]
    [+45 for every elemental dragons stack] true damage on
    all spells and basic attacks against non-turrets over
    3 seconds
  • +50% for all elemental dragon buffs (Stratus Walk,
    Infernal Tribute, Earthen Arms, Heart of Oceans)
Bounty Gold: 250 (Global) +25 / EXP: 75 – 300
Location Initial: Spawns each time after 35 minutes


  • Junglers are mainly the ones who are tasked to kill these Dragons. However, the role of the Jungler doesn’t end there, as they must also help other teammates on the top, mid, and bottom lane whenever they are in a dire situation.
  • Junglers might also need the help of other team members when dealing with the dragons, as they are one of the most powerful monster in the game. The ideal members who should help the Jungler defeat the dragons are the 2 bottom lane members (ADC and Support) as they are the ones nearer to the dragons’ pit.
  • Dragons are often one of the most sought-after monsters in the map due to the useful buffs that they grant for the team. Because of this, you must be careful whenever you are going to slay the dragons, as the enemy Jungler might also be there to contest the area. Be wary of wards planted by the enemy team whenever you’re travelling towards the dragons.
  • To check for wards, you must have a Vision Ward or Sweeping Lens to spot them.


  • The Cloud Drake is useful for teams to push for objectives faster during the mid stages of the game. It can be used to rotate the champions around the map much faster because of its added movement speed buff.
  • The Infernal Drake is considered as the dragon who gives the strongest stat boost, as it can provide a very useful heavy attack boost. This buff is proven to be much more useful during the later stages of the match.
  • The Mountain Drake can be useful late in the game as it can make most Epic Monsters like Baron much more easier to deal with.
  • The Ocean Drake can prolong the presence of champions in the battlefield due to its HP and Mana regen effect. This will make the enemy team’s poking and flanking almost useless because of how easy your team can regenerate health and mana.
  • The Elder Dragon is useful against enemy teams with higher elemental dragon stacks. They will receive more damage and punishment from the enemy team if they have slain a lot of elemental dragons.

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