[League of Legends/LoL] Recommended Champions for Beginners

This page contains a list of recommended Champions for beginners in League of Legends (LoL), including basic strategies on how to use them, as well as link to more in-depth guides. This is to give new players some ideas on which characters are easy to learn when first getting into the game.

Recommended Champions for Beginners

With 137 champions and counting, League of Legends (LoL) can be suffocatingly confusing. Here is a list of champions beginners can try to ease their way into the game. Click on the link to go to its specific Champion Build Guide page for more detail on skills, abilities, builds, stats, strategies and other tips and tricks.


Annie Beginner Champion Build Guide

Annie the Dark Child is a very easy champion to use if you are a beginner. Annie is ranged and her main role is to be the Middle-lane champion. Her skills aren’t that hard to hit and doesn’t require any complicated gameplay. Despite having a basic playstyle, this cute child can dish out massive amounts of damage and even win teamfights due to her AoE stun. However, Annie is a fairly squishy champion as are most Mage champions so don’t get too aggressive.


Garen Beginner Champion Build Guide

If you want a champion that can last longer in battle then Garen The Might of Demacia is the champion for you. Garen usually goes Top lane and is the tanker of the team. The mighty hero acts as the front liner during team fights. His skills can also be used in weeding off high-priority like Mages or Healers


Ashe Beginner Champion Build Guide

The first champion you will ever play in League of Legends (if you played the Intro game) is Ashe the Frost Archer. Ashe is an AD Carry and supposedly deals the most damage. Being the AD Carry/Marksman means you go down the bottom lane with a support. Ashe is auto-attack based and has a high range so it’s very easy for beginners to use.


Warwick Beginner Champion Build Guide

If you want something more of a challenge, you can be a jungler with Warwick the Uncaged Wrath of ZaunThe role of the jungler is to go from lane to lane, ganking and helping allies in defeating the enemy champion. Jungle Monsters are available around the map so you can still get your gold. Warwick has very high sustain and doesn’t require going back to the fountain as much meaning he can just gank from one lane and straight to the other.


Soraka Beginner Champion Build Guide

Soraka the Starchild is for beginners who don’t want to lane alone or aren’t comfortable with the pressure of dealing damage on enemy champions. Soraka is the healer and obviously, the support. Soraka has the highest heal in the game and can even heal from across the map to assist dying allies. Her heals can easily change the tide of teamfights by granting near immortality to allies. It is also up to the support to provide vision through warding.

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