League of Legends - Team and Player Profiles: GPL – 2017 LoL World Championship

This post contains information about the team and player profiles of the GPL teams who will compete in this year's League of Legends World Championships.

2017 LoL World Championship – Team and Player Profiles: GPL

Fresh off an impressive showing at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational, the teams representing GPL are set to make their presence known once again in this year’s World Championship.

Vietnam has shown tremendous upside this season, besting the Southeast Asian competition en route to earning a seed in the Group Stage as well as in the Play-In Stage. Let’s take a look at the teams:

GIGABYTE Marines: GPL 1st Seed

From left: Archie (Top Lane), Levi (Jungler), Optimus (Mid Lane), NoWay (ADC), and Sya (Support) image from lolesports.com

One of the biggest surprises during the 2017 MSI, GIGABYTE Marines made the biggest impact by besting some of the top international players during the tournament which included Team WE, Team Solo Mid and G2 eSports. Known for their hyper-aggressive playstyle, they are surely one of the more dynamic and fun teams to watch out for in this year’s World Championships.

GIGABYTE Marines Starting Team

Archie mans the Top Lane for GIGABYTE Marines. Considered to be the brains of the team, he has significant experience playing competitive League of Legends. Archie has a vast understanding of macro play, thanks in large part to his knowledge of playing different roles throughout his career – most notably, he was a great Ezreal player back in Season 2. Afterwards, he shifted to Support, Mid Lane and finally Top Lane.

Levi is GIGABYTE Marine’s ace Jungler. He is notorious for his hyper-aggressive jungling playstyle – often seeking enemy junglers, disrupting their path, and providing global lane pressure with his ganks. During the 2017 MSI, he showcased his mechanical proficiency with his Kha’Zix which led to some highlights and earned his team some following with fans.

Optimus plays as Mid Lane for GIGABYTE Marines. Considered to be Vietnam’s best Mid Laner, he began his League of Legends career playing for Boba Minions and was picked up by the Saigon Jokers as their sub Mid Lane. A versatile player, he is known for his proficiency with Orianna and Kayle, as well as being the first player to play Jayce in the Mid Lane during the 2014 GPL season.

Filling out ADC role for GIGABYTE Marines is NoWay. Originally from Hanoi Skyred, he was with Ascension Gaming and reached the finals of this year’s GPL Spring Split. He faced GIGABYTE Marines, losing a close series. NoWay then joined GIGABYTE Marines, besting his old team during the GPL Summer Split and securing a spot in this year’s Worlds.

Sya rounds of the GIGABYTE Marine’s starting lineup. He is a relatively newcomer, he fill the role of Support for GIGABYTE Marines. He was pivotal in providing the necessary coverage for NoWay and his team during their run in the recent GPL Summer Split, ensuring their team a seed in the 2017 World Championship. This year’s Worlds will test his skills and playmaking ability against international talent.

Finally, Nevan provides support for Archie in the Top Lane as his alternate. Following the recent Spring Split, Nevan joined GIGABYTE Marines where his playstyle provides them with much flexibility. He recently won his first GPL Summer Split championship and hopes to win the World Championship this year for his team.

Young Generation: GPL 2nd Seed

From left: Ren (Top Lane), Venus (Jungle), Naul (Mid Lane), BigKoro (ADC), and Palette (Support) image from lolesports.com

Young Generation is the second Vietnamese team to represent GPL in this year’s World Championships. They reached 2nd place in both the 2017 Spring and Summer Splits, and besting the local favorites Ascension Gaming in a reverse sweep during the GPL Summer Playoffs.

This year’s World Championships sees Young Generation in the Play-In Stage, where they will be competing for a spot in the Group Stage.

Young Generation Starting Team

First up, Ren plays Top Lane for Young Generation. He is known in Vietnam as one of the best Irelia players, but has shown his deep champion pool in the Top Lane which includes other carries and tanks. He is one of the veteran players for Young Generation, having played for various clubs such as Hanoi Skyred, GIGABYTE Marines and Cantho Cherry.

Venus is the rookie jungler for Young Generation. Initially, Venus trained for Saigon Jokers’ junior group before joining Young Generation. He employs an aggressive playstyle and has knowledge with the meta jungle picks. He also has a tendency to choose his pocket picks Gragas, Lee Sin and Rek’Sai.

Naul mans the Mid Lane for Young Generation. Back in 2016, he climbed the ranks of the Vietnamese Challenger Tier before joining Young Generation. He is known for his calm and tilt-proof demeanor and his knack of picking champions that his team needs. For instance, he is capable of using control champions such as Orianna and Cassiopeia to support his team during clashes. Likewise, he is also adept at playing Jayce or Corki.

BigKoro covers the ADC role for Young Generation. Known for his aggressive playstyle, BigKoro is considered to be one of the best ADCs in Vietnam and . BigKoro prefers to choose hard carry champions such as Kog’Maw, Draven and Xayah and often initiates team fights.

Palette rounds up Young Generation’s starting team. He plays Support for BigKoro and their synergy in-lane has them in the running to be Vietnam’s best Bot Lane duo. Palette has a deep champion pool who is as comfortable playing defensive supports, as well as aggressive and play-making champions.

Lastly, NhocTy provides support as Ren’s substitute at Top Lane. His playstyle differs to Ren, in that he tends to choose Top Laners who have good utility such as Gnar and Galio. This proved crucial in Young Generation’s GPL Worlds Qualifier – after substituting for Ren in Game 3, Young Generation began and succeeded in completing the reverse sweep of Ascension Gaming and securing their spot in the Play-In Stage in this year’s Worlds.

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