League of Legends - Team and Player Profiles: LMS – 2017 LoL World Championship

This post contains team and player information about the LMS teams that are competing for the 2017 League of Legends World Championships.

The LMS team is considered to be a developing region, as the teams are usually present in every Worlds but fail to reach the deeper bracket in the tournament. Only one team, Taipei Assassins, managed to capture the Summoner’s Cup last season 2 when these regions are still part of the Garena Premier League. Now, they come back with a vengance; hoping to once more regain their former glory and win the Summoner’s Cup for good.

Here are the LMS teams who will be competing for Worlds 2017!

Flash Wolves

Flash Wolves LMS
Grabbed from the official League of Legends site

Flash Wolves are the gold standard of LMS competitive play, having appeared in Worlds for three consecutive years. They are also very dominant in their region, having won the champions in the Spring and Summer Split this year and last year. Flash Wolves proved that they are a team not to be trifled with.

The team was formed after they were drafted in Taiwan in Taiwan eSports League. They were formerly known as yoe Ironmen and 7-11 yoe Flash Wolves before taking on the much simpler name, Flash Wolves.

Flash Wolves LMS Starting Team

MMD is Flash Wolves’ top laner. He was the second unit at first, subbing for Steak. After Steak retired and switched to an analyst, MMD was called forth to be their starting top laner. He went on to continue the winning ways of Flash Wolves, capturing four consecutive split titles.

SwordArt is widely known for his stellar and often unbelievable support plays. He is a player that can do almost everything as a support lane, often making big plays and game-changing decisions. SwordArt is one of the reasons why Flash Wolves is a very strong team.

Karsa is famous for his jungle picks that have a lot of carrying potential. He started his professional when he joined Machi 17, though he has not received any recognition due to the lackluster performance of the team. He then joined Flash Wolves and quickly adjusted to their system, going on to win IEM and eventually participating in Worlds.

Their rookie and ADC is Betty. He joined the team last summer, replacing DoubleRed. He was exceptional with SwordArt, racking up the best CS with 10.3 in LMS.  He also have the second best KDA with 8.0. His new style of play quickly synergized well with SwordArt, making Flash Wolves even stronger.

Lastly, Maple is their go-to guy when it comes to their winning ways. He is known to be a versatile mid laner that has a wide range of champion pool. He is often placed against Faker, who is sometimes referred to as his rival in the mid lane.

AHQ E-Sports Club

Grabbed from the official League of Legends site

AHQ E-Sports club is the rival of Flash Wolves, as they placed second in both Summer and Spring splits this season. They are one of the oldest League of Legends team, dating back to 2012. AHQ is a known organization all around the world, considering they have qualified four times in the Worlds championships. They may be always second to Flash Wolves, but expect them to give a good fight when they enter this year’s Worlds.

AHQ is an old organization that formed when Corsair failed to travel to Worlds. Corsair and SSWIE were forced to merge. They were renamed to what is known today as AHQ E-Sports Club.

AHQ E-Sports Club LMS Starting Team

Top lane extraordinaire and all-star top laner Ziv is one of the reasons why AHQ is a force not to be reckoned with. He has staggering stats and game style that can dominate any top lane whether it be a tanky champion or a damage dealer. He was a former jungler before transitioning to top lane for AHQ.

AHQ’s jungler is Mountain. He is known as the jungler who likes to dive and peel for his team. Mountain is team-oritented yet he finds ways to dominate the opposing team with brute force if needed. He has a wide array of champion pool, but he prefers champions who have initiation and peel potential.

Mid Laner Chawi has a lot of story to tell coming into the Worlds championship. He was banned from participating in any tournaments because he was caught elo boosting. The ban was lifted and he played the following year in Worlds, where he only played one game against EDG. They lost. Now, he is the starting mid laner and hopes to regain his former glory and prove to everyone that he has truly changed-for the better.

AHQ’s ADC An is much like Mountain, as they are both very stubborn and unorthodox when it comes to scrims and meta picks. However, he pretty much proved himself to be a very strong and aggressive ADC and might be a strong laner for Worlds.

AHQ is one of the more veteran support players in LMS. He is one of the founding members of AHQ’s League of Legends team, which gives him a lot of experience coming into Worlds.

Hong Kong Attitude

Hong Kong Attitude LMS
Photo grabbed from League of Legends site

It’s a cinderella story for Hong Kong Attitude coming into Worlds, as they fought tooth and nail in the qualifiers to be the first ever #3 seed in LMS to enter the championships. HKA was sub-par this year after they placed sixth in the summer split, but hardwork and dedication paved way for them as they will compete in their first ever Worlds.

They were formerly known as HK attitude when they were in GPL. They disbanded afterwards on 2014. This year, they were able to come back and rebrand as Hong Kong Attitude.

Hong Kong Attitude LMS Starting Team

M1ssion is the team’s mid laner. He has jumped to a lot of teams before joining AHQ. He is a very proficient mid laner and poker in the laning phase, giving the opposing mid laner a hard time. His map awareness is also stellar, often finding a way to outposition enemies in team fights.

Kaiwing is their support. He is a player that excels at using supports with game-changing initiations such as Braum and Thresh. Despite sitting out for one season before joining HKA, he still managed to become a very effective support for HKA.

HKA’s jungler is GodKwai. GodKwai was first an ADC before shifting to jungle. He is an excellent addition HKA, acting as a frontline for them. His champion pool are Sejuani, Jarvan IV, and other tanky champions.

Their ADC, Unified, is a fairly new ADC for HKA. He was a member of Fireball before joining HKA this year. He has proven a lot since joining HKA, as his team was able to clinch a spot for Worlds. His picks include champions who are auto-attack heavy such as Tristana and Varus.

Lastly, Riris is their top laner. He is also a new member of HKA who only recently joined last Summer split. He is a very team-oriented top laner as well despite language barriers since he is a Korean playing for an LMS team. Riris also known for his split-pushing abilities while helping his team whenever he is needed.

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