League of Legends - Tryndamere Champion Strategy and Item Build Guide

This page contains a champion character strategy guide for Tryndamere, including stats, skills, item builds, and hard counters.


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Basic Information

Tryndamere – The Barbarian King
Class Assassin Role Skirmisher
Secondary Bar Fury IP/RP 1350 / 585

Champion Stats

Lv1 Per Lv Lv18
Health  625.64 +98 2292
Health Regen 8.51 +0.9 23.8
Fury 100 +0 100
Attack Damage 61.376 +3.2 116
Armor 24.108 +3.1 76.8
Attack Speed 0.67 +2.9 0.67
Magic Resist 32.1 +1.25 53.4
Movement Speed 345 345
Melee 125 125


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Icon Description
Battle Fury Battle Fury

Tryndamere gains Fury for each attack, critical strike, and killing blow he makes. Fury passively increases his Critical Strike Chance and can be consumed with his Bloodlust spell.

Bloodlust Bloodlust
(Cost: 100% Current Fury, Cooldown: 12)PASSIVE: Tryndamere thirsts for blood, gaining 5/10/15/20/25 Attack Damage plus 0.15/0.2/0.25/0.3/0.35 per 1% Health missing.ACTIVE: Tryndamere consumes his Fury, restoring 30/40/50/60/70 (+30% Ability Power)Health, plus 0.5/0.95/1.4/1.85/2.3 (+0) Health per Fury consumed.
Mocking Shout Mocking Shout
(Effect Radius: 850, Cooldown: 14)ACTIVE: Decreases surrounding champions’ Attack Damage by 20/35/50/65/80 for 4 seconds, and enemies with their backs turned also have their Movement Speed reduced by 30/37.5/45/52.5/60% for 4 seconds.
Spinning Slash Spinning Slash
(Target Range: 660, Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9)ACTIVE: Tryndamere spins through his enemies, dealing 70/100/130/160/190 (+0) (+100% Ability Power) physical damage to enemies in his path and generating Fury.Spinning Slash’s cooldown is reduced by 1 second whenever Tryndamere critically strikes. This reduction is increased to 2 seconds against champions.<
Undying Rage Undying Rage
(Cooldown: 110/100/90)ACTIVE: Tryndamere becomes completely immune to death for 5 seconds, refusing to be reduced below 30/50/70 Health and instantly gaining 50/75/100 Fury.


  • Try to auto-attack as often as possible so you can stack up your fury bar. You can also heal yourself by using (Q) Bloodlust. This, however, depletes your fury bar.
  • Critical items and runes are very effective, as it greatly compliments your passive Battlefury and (E) Spinning Slash. Basically, the more critical chance and damage you have, the better.
  • It is best to activate your (R) Undying Rage when your health is critical. This is to avoid wasting your ultimate and to fully maximize the 5 second duration of the skill. This may not be applicable when you are facing someone with a huge burst damage because you might be killed even before you cast your skill.
  • You can use (E) Spinning Slash to traverse walls. This is handy when you want to surprise enemies or just escape when you are in a dangerous position. Hitting the jungle creeps  while you escape can also help, as you can critically strike them and reduce the cooldown of (E) Spinning Slash.
  • Do not only activate (W) Mocking Shout when chasing an enemy. The skill also reduces damage to nearby enemies, therefore giving you and your team an advantage.

Runes & Masteries


Summoner Spells

Top Lane Jungle
Flash Icon Teleport icon Smite icon Flash Icon
Flash Teleport Smite Flash

Flash – Flash is a little bit better than ghost or exhaust. Flash can get you out of sticky situations and let you enter team fights smoothly. Ghost and exhaust are also advisable because it suits well with your kit and can let you lock down a target easier.

Item Builds

Top Lane

Starter Items
Doran's Blade icon Health potion icon Warding totem icon
Doran’s Blade Health Potion Warding Totem


Core Items
Infinity Edge Icon Statikk Shiv Icon Berserker's Greaves icon
Infinity Edge Statikk Shiv Berserker’s Greaves
Blade of the ruined king icon
Blade of the Ruined King

Infinity Edge – Infinity Edge is a great item for Tryndamere because of the critical strike damage aspect. His passive Battle Fury increases his critical strike chance the more he strike. A full bar of Battle Fury with Infinity Edge makes him one of the strongest melee auto-attack reliant champion.

Statikk Shiv – Statikk Shiv increases his attack speed and critical strike chance which is always a plus for Tryndamere. The passive also increases his jungling and waveclear ability.

Berserker’s Greaves – Berkserker’s Greaves increases his movement speed while adding the extra attack speed.

Blade of the Ruined King – This will be your main lifesteal item. Blade of the Ruined King gives Tryndamere the ability to catch unsuspecting champions and have more advantage when dueling enemies.

Full Build
Infinity Edge Icon Statikk Shiv Icon Phantom dancer icon
Infinity Edge Statikk Shiv Phantom Dancer
Blade of the ruined king icon Guardian angel icon Berserker's Greaves icon
Blade of the Ruined King  Guardian Angel  Berserker’s Greaves

Phantom Dancer – Tryndamere will become stronger at ganking and being slippery in team fights with this item. It also gives more attack speed and critical strike.

Guardian Angel – Guardian Angel does not only grant you extra life in crucial fights, but also gives you damage. The visuals when Tryndamere has the passive of Guardian Angel alone may intimidate some to even fight him in skirmishes.

Situational Items
Lord dominiks regards icon Mortal Reminder Icon Ravenous hydra icon
Lord Dominik’s Regards Mortal Reminder Ravenous Hydra
Maw of malmoritus icon
Maw of Malmoritus

Lord Dominik’s Regards/Mortal Reminder – These items give you variety against champions with high armor and health. If the enemy team stacks a lot of armor, go with Lord Dominik’s Regards. If they stack health items, Mortal Reminder is your best choice.

Ravenous Hydra – Ravenous Hydra gives you more damage and the passive and active also gives is also great for wave clearing and split pushing. Build this if you want to prioritize objectives rather than champion kills. However, Tryndamere jungle doesn’t require an AoE waveclear since his wave clear is fast enough with basic items. It would be better if you build item that can increase more his attack speed and damage rather than Ravenous Hydra.

Maw of Malmoritus – Maw of Malmoritus is a great item when the enemy has a lot of AP champions. The extra cooldown reduction and damage also benefit Tryndamere in the middle to later stages of the game


Starter Items
Hunters Machete icon Total biscuit of rejuvenation icon Warding totem icon
Hunter’s Machete Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation Warding Totem


Core Items
Stalkers blade - bloodrazor Statikk Shiv Icon Blade of the Ruined King Icon
Stalker’s Blade – Bloodrazor Statikk Shiv Blade of the Ruined King
Berserker’s Greaves

Bloodrazor Enchantment – The Bloodrazor enchantment is the best jungle item for Tryndamere since it gives him more attack speed, which he really needs to stack up his rage faster.


Full Build
Stalkers blade - bloodrazor Infinity Edge Icon Blade of the Ruined King Icon
Stalker’s Blade: Bloodrazor Infinity Edge Blade of the Ruined King
Statikk Shiv Icon Phantom dancer icon
Statikk Shiv Phantom Dancer Berserker’s Greaves


Situational Items
Lord dominiks regards icon Mortal Reminder Icon Ravenous hydra icon
Lord Dominik’s Regards Mortal Reminder Ravenous Hydra
Maw of malmoritus icon
Maw of Malmoritus

 Playing Against

  • Tryndamere heavily relies on auto-attacks. Build armor and health items to limit his damage output.
  • Most Tryndamere players go for a glass cannon build, meaning he will mostly stack offensive items rather than defensive items. Capitalize on this and try to burst him.
  • Engaging Tryndamere when his battle fury meter is full is not advisable because his critical damage is at its peak. Try poking him first and shedding some of his health so that he will be forced to use the Q(Bloodlust) active to heal himself.
  • His R (Undying Rage) makes him invulnerable for 5 seconds. However, attacking him will still deplete his health bar. When he uses his ultimate while low in health, try to zone him from lifestealing from his auto-attack and wait until his ultimate is over. Stunning him can also prevent him from escaping during his ultimate’s duration.
  •  Take note of his (E) Spinning Slash when facing him one on one. Aside from having a huge damage, its cooldown is greatly reduced when Tryndamere critically strikes. It would be best to stop him from auto-attacking by using crowd control on him.

Hard Counters

  • Teemo – Teemo’s Blinding Dart stops Tryndamere from auto-attacking. Noxius Trap and Move Quick can also zone out and stop Tryndamere from getting close to Teemo. Lastly, Toxic Shot poisons a target for four seconds. This might kill Tryndamere after the duration of his ultimate which only lasts 5 seconds.
  • Rammus – Rammus is an armor-based champion, someone that Tryndamere is weak against. His Defensive Ball Curl increases his armor and returns some of the damage he has taken to the attacker. Puncturing Taunt also forces his target to attack to attack while also reducing armor. Rammus also has a great engage and disengage skill of Powerball that can only be stopped with a hard crowd control, something that Tryndamere lacks.
  • Pantheon – Pantheon can harass Tryndamere with his poke, Spear Shot. Pantheon’s passive, Aegis Protection, also blocks an auto attack after every four attacks and/or skills. He also has a stun with Aegis of Zeonia and Heartseeker Strike where you gain 100% critical strike if your target is below 15% health.

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