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This article is about the play-ins knockout day 2 in League of Legends Worlds 2017, including the winners of day 2 and the official Worlds bracket.

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Play-ins Knockout Day 2 Final Bracket for Worlds 2017 is set after 1907 Fenerbasche Esports (FB) and Team WE (WE) snagged the remaining two slots in the League of Legends Play-ins Knockout Day 2, Friday, held in Wuhan, China.

First-timers 1907 Fenerbasche Esports was able to snag the coveted third slot in the group stages after defeating Latin America’s Lyon Gaming (LG), 3-1. Chinese veterans Team WE asserted dominance in the second game as they swept Young Generation (YG), 3-0 to win it all at the play-ins knockout day 2.

Play-ins Knockout Day 2: 1907 Fenerbasche Esports vs. Lyon Gaming

FB was very dominant in the first game as they went 18-5 in kill score in the first game. FB Frozen popped off with Taliyah, scoring 5/0/8 and carrying much of the offensive firepower against LG.

Lyon Gaming retaliated in the second game, not allowing FB Crash and Thaldrin to have space in team fights. Lyon Gaming had 11k gold advantage at one point and was 25-11 at the conclusion of the second game.

The third game was dictated by FB Padden as he went 10/0/4 in the game to lead FB to a 2-1 game. His twitch was also responsible for dealing 50% of the total damage output of FB to LG. It was a lopsided affair in favor FB.

FB prevented a fifth and deciding game after defeating them with FB Frozen’s Aurelion Sol and FB Padden leading the charge. Lyon Gaming couldn’t find the right rhythm and was only able to destroy one tower in the whole game.

Play-ins Knockout Day 2: Team WE vs. Young Generation

WE started off the play-ins knockout day 2 on a high note after a one-sided game against YG. All of the matchups of WE dominated both ends of Summoner’s Rift, giving YG only one kill in the whole game, 9-1.

WE and YG battled it out in the second game. It was a closely contested match between the two teams, but WE managed to get the lead after WE Condi’s jungle Ezreal got a close Baron Nashor and WE Mystic’s quadra kill. WE eventually got the win and the lead at 2-0.

Team WE didn’t look back and was very certain that they could sweep YG. It was another close game until WE Mystic and WE Condi got four kills to secure the Baron. Yg wasn’t able to bounce back as WE pushed further into their base to get the clean sweep, 3-0.

C9, Fnatic, Team WE, and 1907 Fenerbasche Esports are now sure contenders for the group stages which will happen on October 5, 2017. You can check out the official brackets here.


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