Mirror’s edge catalyst:Mission15″Prisoner X”



①Jumped to VTOL (video 0:07 ~)

There is no time limit to the VTOL arrival. Let’s proceed without rushing.

②Heliport arrival (video 2:03 ~)

③Find a way to enter the building (video 2:19 ~)

Enter the building from the duct.

④Get down the elevator shaft (video 2:43 ~)

Get down to the bottom with the pipe and the elevator.

⑤Go to the other tower (video 4:36 ~)

⑥Impenetrable to the server room (video 4:50 ~)

Take the elevator, it dives to the fan that has come out of the smoke.

Let’s connect to the server room back of the terminal.

⑦Celebrating in a traffic hub (video 7:20 ~)

⑧Wait for the next train (video 8:48 ~)

Since found even in the midst of the duct Let earn time away from Kruger sex down to the bottom of the duct floor.

Holding fled two to three minutes the train is coming. Enemy defeating number of people might be conditions.

⑨jumped on the train(video 11:15 ~)

Jumped in came new train.

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