Mirror’s edge catalyst:Mission18″Tickets,Please”



①Intrusion on the first traffic management hub (video 0:07 ~)

Let’s up from pulling out the scaffolding of the pillar with the MAG.

②Go within the time limit to the next hub(video 0:47 ~)

③Intrusion on to the next traffic management hub (video 1:32 ~)

Let’s defeat all because the enemy is waiting.

Even normally beat you good enough in the time limit, but you defeat early enemy and fight to drop from the building.

To climb to the terminal

1,Move to the left of the scaffold kicking the walls of the right to the terminal

2,Jump to the right of the scaffold

3,Jump to the front of the scaffold

4,You can move in the jump of the order to the scaffold with a terminal.

5,Scaffolding is up and down, we stop for a long time and get to the bottom or top. Let’s measure the timing without hurry

6,It is to grasp the whole and move the field of view easy to face directly above.

④Within the time limit to go to the end of the hub (video 2:39 ~)

And get to the second hub, the time limit of up to third hub is in 2 minutes.

Scaffolding has been moved up and down.

When the right of the scaffold came down, let’s pull out the scaffolding with the MAG. Then move to the right of the scaffolding Let’s pull the scaffolding of the left. You can move to the terminal Once moved jump to the pole.

When the wall kick jump in when the right of the scaffolding has been moved to the top you can move to the pole.

⑤Escape from the enemy troops (video 4:02 ~)

And ranks in the roof, let’s move to ignore because the enemy will come out four.

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