Mirror’s edge catalyst:Mission17″Family Matters”



Intrusion on Malus Museum (video 0:09 ~)

Kick quick turn wall after enemy combat, let’s note that falls and not to do at the top of the wall.

Find the elevator maintenance shaft (video 0:56 ~)

Anyway, There are a lot of enemies. In addition to light traverse attack Try to not to the other party.

Also been shot by the enemy, if there is a focus gauge, let’s move ran without jump recklessly.

Find the Kruger personal high-speed elevator (Movie 2:38 ~)

There are a lot of enemies in the hall. If you do not know the directions let’s confirm it retry prone.

The enemy can be ignored.

Also it has been attacked in the elevator just before. When you go down before lift Try to get off by pressing the L2.

Find the Kruger of terminal (video 4:26 ~)

Up the stairs when you get to the office, let’s access to the terminal.

Escape the Kruger apartment (video 5:44 ~)

Seize the drone jumping (video 5:56 ~)

Take the outside of the corridor, if drone is visible, jump the fence of the corridor to the springboard.

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