Nioh 2 - Best Stats to focus on and Recommended Builds

Guide for players wondering which stats to prioritize and level up, which stats scales with each weapon types, and recommended build for early, mid, and late game for Nioh 2 on the PS5 and PS4.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Things to Know Before Leveling Up your Stats

  • Stats affect the players combat and effectiveness
  • Each weapon type scales with specific stats
  • Stats can be reallocated by using a consumable item called Book of Reincarnation
  • Keep using the same weapon or magic to earn skill points

Increase Stats to Level Up

Nioh 2 stats
You can level up yor character at the shrine by spending Amrita points, which can be obtained by defeating enemies.

Stat Effects

Status Increase Weapon Scaling
Body ↑↑↑ : Life
↑↑ : Poison Resistance, Paralysis Resistance
↑  : –
↑↑↑ : Spear
↑↑ : Tonfas, Kusarigama
↑  : –
Heart ↑↑↑ : Ki
↑↑ : Ki recovery speed
↑  : Life
↑↑↑ : Sword
↑↑ : Dual Swords
↑  : Odachi
Courage ↑↑↑ : Ki recovery speed
↑↑ : Lightning Resistance
↑  : Life, Onmyo Power
↑↑↑ : Tonfas
↑↑ : Axe, Hatchets
↑  : –
Stamina ↑↑↑ : Equipment Weight
↑↑ : Life
↑  : –
↑↑↑ : Axe
↑↑ : Odachi
↑  : Hatchets
Strength ↑↑↑ : –
↑↑ : Ki Pluse
↑  : Life, Equipment Weight
↑↑↑ : Odachi
↑↑ : Sword, Spear
↑  : Dual Swords, Axe, Kusarigama
Skill ↑↑↑ : Ki Pluse
↑↑ : –
↑  : Life, Ninjutsu Power
↑↑↑ : Dual Swords, Hatchets
↑↑ : Sword, Spear, Kusarigama, Switchglaive
↑  : –
Dexterity ↑↑↑ : Ninjutsu Power, Ninjutsu Capacity
↑↑ : Poison Resistance, Paralysis Resistance
↑  : Life
↑↑↑ : Kusarigama
↑↑ : –
↑  : Tonfas
Magic ↑↑↑ : Onmyo Power, Onmyo Capacity
↑↑ : –
↑  : Life
↑↑↑ : Switchglaive
↑↑ : –
↑  : –

Find a Favorite Weapon Type

Nioh 2 weapon stat
Since each stat scales with only certain weapon types, it’s best to find a weapon type that suits your play style. Focusing on stats that scale with your favorite weapon, is a much faster way to become stronger than to level up each stat evenly.

Reallocate with Book of Reincarnation

Nioh 2 Book of Reincarnation
Book of Reincarnation is an item which allows players to reallocate their stats. Using it will reset the players level and skill, and can be bought at the blacksmith.

How to Earn Skill Points

Skill Points, which are used for learning Samurai Skills and Magic Skills can be earned by increasing Proficiency with a weapon or magic. Reallocation of Skill Points has not been confirmed at present, so choose your skills wisely.

Recommended Early Game Build

  • Reach stat requirement to make use of special attribute from armors
  • Level up Body and Heart to 10
  • Level up stats that scale with you weapon of choice
  • Status increases significantly between level 5 to 10

Reach Stat Requirement for Armor Ability

Nioh 2 armor stat
Armors have special attributes which takes a major role in the early game, but requires you to reach a certain stat for it to activate. Therefore, your first priority when leveling up stats is to reach the stat required for your armor.

Armor Weight and Recommended Weapons

Armor Weight Required Stats Recommended Weapons
Light Armor Body + Skill Dual Swords, Kusarigama, Tonfas, Hachets, Switchglaive
Medium Armor Body + Strength Sword, Spear
Heavy Armor Stamina + Strength Axe, Odachi

Body and Heart for better survivability

Nioh 2 Body
Body and Heart are stats that correlate directly to the players survivability since it increases HP and Ki. Furthermore, these stats have a high increase ratio between level 5 to 10 compared to other stats, so it’s best to level up Body and Heart to 10 disregarding your weapon of choice.

Focus on Stats that Scale with your Weapon

After leveling up the minimum stats required for your armor as well as leveling Body and Heart to 10, focus on leveling up stats that scale with your favorite weapon type for max efficiency.

Recommended Mid Game Build

  • Focus on one stat for damage
  • Don’t forget to check your armor’s stat requirement
  • Start leveling up Courage and Stamina

Focus on the Stat that Increase Damage

The most efficient way to increase your damage is to focus on one stat that scales the most with your weapon. If you are a Ninjyutu user and want to level up efficiently, Kusarigama is the ideal weapon type. For Onmyo Magic users, Switchglaive is the preferred weapon.

Don’t forget to check your armor’s stat requirement

The stats required for armors varies depending on the armors category, so if you find a new armor that suits you be sure to check its requirements. Similar to early game, reaching the stat requirement for the armor you wear is crucial.

Start leveling up Courage and Stamina

After you become able to deal decent damage, start leveling up Courage and Stamina. Courage increases Ki recovery speed, and leveling up stamina lets you wear heavier armor. It’s not efficient to level up Courage over level 10 since its status increase ratio decreases after reaching level 10.

Recommended Late Game Build

  • Keep leveling stats that increases damage
  • Level up Body and Heart to prevent insta-death

Prioritize Body and Heart

After you level up the stats that scale with your weapon type to 99, focus on leveling up Body and Heart. Late game enemies can deal tremendous amount of damage per hit or burst you down with a combo, which can instantly kill your character. If you feel like you need more Ki, prioritize Heart since it’s the only method of increasing Ki capacity.

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