Nioh 2 - Recommended Starting Weapon Type and Guardian Spirit Choice

A guide for Nioh 2 on PS5 and PS4 for players wondering which weapon type and guradian spirit to choose when starting a new game, and the stats that increase depending on choice.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

About Starting Weapon and Guardian Spirit

2 Choices to Make at the Start

Nioh 2 starting weapon
When beginning a new game, players will need to choose one weapon and guardian spirit. Each weapon type has its unique attack motion, range, attack speed, and so on. The Guardian Spirits provide the player with protection and special effects.

Bonus Stat for Each Weapon

When you choose a weapon you will also earn a bonus stat. Make you choice wisely as the bonus stat earned here can’t be reallocated with Book of Reincarnation, an item for reallocating stats.

Weapon Type Bonus Stat
Sword Heart +1
Spear Body +1
Axe Stamina +1
Tonfas Courage +1
Odachi Strength +1
Dual Swords Skill +1
Switchglaive Magic +1
Kusarigama Dexterity +1
Hatchets Skill +1

Recommended Starting Weapon are Sword or Spear

Prioritize Stats Over Weapon Type

Nioh 2 starting stat
It’s much better to prioritize the bonus stat over weapon type, as weapons can be earned while progressing through the game, but the bonus stat earned here can’t be changed unless you start a new game.

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Body or Heart are the Best Starting Stats

Nioh 2 starting sword spear
Body and Heart are stats required no matter which weapon type you will be using later on. Body will increase HP, and Heart will increase Ki capacity, so the best starting weapon would be either Sword or Spear.

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Guardian Spirits Also Grant Bonus Stat

Best Starting Guardian is Ame-no-Mitori

Bonus stat can also be earned when choosing a Guardian Spirit. Therefore, the best starting Guardian Spirit is Ame-no-Mitori since the bonus stat earned for choosing it is Heart. No need to worry about the other two Guardian Spirits, as they can be earned while progressing through the game.

Guardian Spirit Bonus Stat
Ame-no-Mitori Heart +1
Makami Strength +1
Kagewani Magic +1

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