Gameplay Video Guide 6-4: Bowser’s Bob-ombing/ Bowser End Battle [Super Mario Run]


6-4: Bowser’s Bob-ombing

The last hurdle of Nintendo’s Super Mario Run pits Mario against his most popular and enduring arch-nemesis — Bowser! Here, we’ll break down the mechanics of beating the end game boss while giving you tips and tricks along the way.

Still true to the tradition of previous Mario games, Bowser’s lair is a fiery dungeon complete with lakes of magma and rotating fences of flame that requires only a bit more concentration than the other levels you’ve gone through.

Super Mario Run iOS Bowser Boss Guide (Bowser appears on his floating pod)

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Things to Expect from Bowser’s Bomb-ombing

  1. That one mushroom at the start. At the start of the stage, be sure to get the mushroom on the block up ahead to increase you chances of survival.
  2. Bowser’s crazy pod. As soon as you grab the mushroom (we hope you did),  Bowser will appear. For the entire fight, he’ll just be riding on a ridiculous floating pod as you run endlessly towards the right side of the screen. Of course, the stage will be littered with obstacles to make the fight even more challenging. Expect to see rotating flame fences and magma pits as you engage Bowser. The King Koopa also has some devious tactics up his amphibious sleeve to set you alight.
  3. Bombs back at Bowser. Bowser will occasionally chuck bombs at you that can walk on platforms. While these look like they should be avoided, they are actually your only offense against him. You can jump on the bombs to fire them back at Bowser. It might seem pretty simple on paper, but it isn’t. Lots of “fake opportunities” will present themselves as you take on the boss, such as getting to a bomb too early (which meets you in the face and not below your legs) or getting too excited on getting to use every bomb that you forget about a flame fence or magma pit that’s straight ahead. This boss fight requires you to be patient, but not too patient. Remember that there is a time limit to beating Bowser.
  4. Fireballs. Some time around, Bowser will also start spitting fireballs at you. They don’t exactly home in on you, so they are pretty easy to dodge. Just be aware of obstacles while avoiding his projectiles so you don’t end up greeting a flame fence as you land on a new platform.
  5. The pod has a cannon. Eventually, Bowser will try and pull out all the stops to take you down. His pod will shoot out a giant spiked bomb that you won’t be able to fire back at him, so avoid it at all costs. Be sure to know how to tell walking bombs and spiked bombs apart. This will spell either beating Bowser or kicking the bucket.
  6. Third time’s the charm. Bowser will go down after you hit him with his walking bombs 3 times. On your second hit, you’ll see his pod start to catch fire. The next hit will end him.



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