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News and Updates

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  • Release date last October 29th, 2021!

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Game Board Guides

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Mario Party Superstars - Peach's Birthday Cake BoardPeach’s Birthday Cake Mario Party Superstars - Space LandSpace Land
Mario Party Superstars - Horror LandHorror Land Mario Party Superstars - Woody WoodsWoody Woods
Mario Party Superstars - Yoshi's Tropical IslandYoshi’ Tropical Island

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Mt. Minigames

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Free-for-All Minigames 1v3 Minigames
2v2 Minigames 1v1 Minigames (Duels)
High Score Minigames Coin Minigames
Sports and Puzzles Minigames

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Playable Characters

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MarioMario LuigiLuigi Peach
YoshiYoshi DaisyDaisy WarioWario
WarluigiWaluigi RosalinaRosalina Donkey KongDonkey Kong

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All Unlockables How to Unlock All Stickers
How to Unlock All Card Designs How to Unlock All Music Tracks
How to Unlock All Encyclopedia Entries How to Unlock Achievements
How to Unlock All Titles How to Unlock Ending Credits

Useful Guides

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All Hidden Dice Blocks (My Nintendo Mission) How to Play Online
Do You Need Nintendo Online Subscription? All Playable Characters
All Game Boards List How to Increase Mario Party Level
How to Save in Mario Party Mode

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Game Overview

Mario Party Superstar - Game Overview

Mario Party Superstars is the 12th installment of the long-running Mario Party series, featuring 100 classic mini games from past titles released on the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube systems.

Mario Party Superstar - Game Mode 1 Mario Party Superstar - Game Mode 2
Mario Party Superstar - Game Mode 3 Mario Party Superstar - Game Mode 4

Players can engage in various types of game modes, including free-for-all, 3v1, 2v2, and 1v1 games. In addition, five classic Mario Party Mode game boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games will appear in the game. These are Peach’s Birthday Cake, Space Land, Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Horror Land, and Woody Woods.

Mario Party Superstar - Game Overview

Mario Party Superstars supports both local same-system, local wireless, and online multiplayer, allowing people to play with friends both near and from long distances in any of the available game modes. Stickers can be sent to praise or pester rivals all in the name of friendly and fun competition.

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Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

Game Information

Game Mario Party Superstars
Genre Party
Platform Nintendo Switch
Developer NDcube
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date October 29th, 2021
Official Website