Gameplay Video Guide World 1-4: Bowser’s Castle Hangout [Super Mario Run]

Welcome to Bowser's Castle Hangout. In this stage, you'll not only be avoiding Bowser's traps but also trying to get into the castle.

World 1-4: Bowser’s Castle Hangout

Bowser’s Castle Hangout is the last stage in World 1 in Super Mario Run. When going through the stage, you’ll notice that there are a lot of traps to keep you out. There are chains that can swing and knock you down. A few enemies will patrol the area. These are the kinds of things that have prevailed over the years that Super Mario has gone through after a couple of reboots. However, instead of just hopping and skipping, Mario now has a life bubble and also the ability to hang on walls. It makes a lot of these things easier as you now just don’t plummet to your doom.

bowser's castle hangout


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What to expect in Bowser’s Castle Hangout

  1. Expect a big boss. At the end of every world, there will always be a big boss that you have to take out.In this case, it’s Bowser. Fortunately for you, it’s quite easy to get rid of him. All you have to do is hop over and head over to the axe. When you stomp on the axe, it will go crashing down and sever the bridge. With that, the bridge falls apart before sending Bowser to his burning death.
  2. It’s quite straightforward. As it is one of the first puzzles, there’s not too much to overthink here. In fact, the timing part of this stage isn’t as bad as the ones further down the road. When dealing with this stage, don’t overthink. Just go through it just like any other puzzle.
  3. Watch out for the lava. While there are arrows to help Mario have a hand hold above the lava, there are times that you won’t have that luxury. Instead, you’ll be left with jumping over it to head over to another platform. However, this shouldn’t be hard as long as you know the timing and observe the area carefully. Look for the blue arrows hanging over your head. It helps.
  4. Watch out for the fireballs. The fireballs shoot out from the lava to knock down Mario. Take note of when they spawn and shoot out. When you do so, the puzzle will become exponentially easier for you.

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