Gameplay Video Guide 3-3: Shell Me The Way! [Super Mario Run]

Shell Me The Way is a stage in Super Mario Run that leads to the last stage in World 3. In this case, you'll be fighting shelled-creatures.

World 3-3: Shell Me The Way!

In Shell Me The Way, the enemies are shelled creatures. Majority of these creatures are similar to Yoshi. But that’s not all, some parts of the stage require a shell for you to hit the next set of enemies. When going through this jump puzzle, watch the enemies carefully and look around for power-ups. Not all parts of the puzzle are about jumping on enemies. These enemies also have their own comebacks such as the shelled creatures launching their shells at you.

shell me the way

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What to expect in Shell Me The Way:

  1. Watch out for the Shelled creatures. Shelled creatures are common in Shell Me The Way. These creatures often times when stomped on release shells. You can control the shell’s direction by jumping on top of it. Every jump can change where the shell is going.
  2. Take note on how the enemies are positioned. Some enemies look like they are just there for an obstacle. However, there are others that form a path for you to follow. When they form a path, there’s bound to be a shelled-enemy strolling around. Take down the shelled-enemy first and use the shell from it to knock down the other enemies.
  3. The coins lead the way. Like all traditional Mario games, this game also has coins in them. Since many of them are either in the air or along the path, you can follow them. When following them, coins can lead to the right direction and may sometimes show a shortcut.
  4. Watch out for the time. While running through the stage, it may get a bit tedious especially when biding your time. Make sure that while you run through the puzzle, you take note of the time.

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