Gameplay Video Guide 4-1: Cutting Edge Spire [Super Mario Run]

Welcome to Cutting Edge Spire! The first stage in the 4th world in Super Mario Run!

Cutting Edge Spire: Tips and Tricks to Survival

Cutting Edge Spire
Cutting Edge Spire

When running Super Mario Run, it’s like having to do Temple Run except with angry buzz saws or other crazy gadgets out to get you. Super Mario is a classic game that has Mario going through jump puzzles while avoiding all sorts of angry objects. Angry objects such as dinos, mushrooms, buzz saws, and doing all this to find Princess Peach or trying to run from Bowser. For this particular stage of the Cutting Edge Spire, there’s an additional several buzz saws out to get you.

Pink Coins

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Purple Coins

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Black Coins

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What to expect from Cutting Edge Spire:

  1. Time your jumps carefully – On each platform, there may be coins but there are also enemies waiting for you upstairs. By defeating the enemy, you get an additional coin.
  2. When you don’t have a hand hold, grab the box with a letter “p” on it. – There’s a power-up that allows you to transform coins into boxes. That way, you’ll be able to create platforms and jump up.
  3. Look for the purple box with a clock on it. – Right before you see the buzz saws, there will be a purple box with a clock on it. Hit that for more seconds on the clock.
  4. Take your time jumping. – there will be a part where there a bunch of crazy buzzsaws about to saw you in half. While there are mushrooms to prevent your death, there are several levels. One has a buzzsaw running side to side, the next one has the buzzsaw jumping, and the last one has several buzzsaws running around in a counterclockwise fashion.
  5. Don’t try to get all the coins. – Sometimes, there are some coins that can end up wasting your time. When you know that you’re about to die while trying to go after that coin, leave it and head over to the flag.


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