Gameplay Video Guide 6-1: Land of Spikes [Super Mario Run]


6-1: Land of Spikes

World 6-1 takes you back to the desert once more. This time, there will enemies throwing spiked balls at you. Some of them are standing on raise blocks so you can take them out by hitting them from below. You can also just stomp on them to get rid of them.

Super Mario Run iOS World 6-1

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What to expect from Land of Spikes

  1. Timing your launch from the first cannon. You’ll come up to a cannon that can shoot you across to the next platform. But since it’s moving, you’ll need to time your launch. It’s actually better to aim for the highest point so you won’t get damaged by the enemies chucking spiked balls at you.
  2. The second cannon. You’ll reach another cannon that launches you to the other platform again. This time, it’s a bit more difficult. It won’t be a problem if you’ve eaten a mushroom since you can brush off one hit. If not, try to aim for just above the enemy on the lowest platform. Wait for him to throw a spiked ball since you might take a spiked ball to the face when the enemy pulls it out of its mouth.
  3. A spiked ball avalanche. As you approach the end of the level, more monsters chucking spiked ball will appear. Work your way further in the area while keeping away from the spiked balls.


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