Gameplay Video Guide 6-2: Switch Ghost House [Super Mario Run]


6-2: Switch Ghost House Guide

Much like the ghostly level of World 5, World 6-2 mostly requires you to get up on higher ground to progress through the areas. The level also has some switches that you need to activate to open the door to the next area.

Super Mario Run iOS World 6-2

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Things to expect from Switch Ghost House

  1. Timed switches. In the first area, has several ghosts popping on and under the blocks. Head to the switch with an exclamation mark on the right to allow you to scale up the room and collect coins above. The switch has a time limit however, so you’ll need to hit it again once the blocks going up disappear. Then, head to the door on the right.
  2. A blind leap. The next area look a bit tricky, but it really isn’t. Hit the timer block to get more time if you need it. Then, activate the switch to turn the wall of block on the right side into coins. Go and collect as much as you want. When the switch times up, head to the door by jumping on the wall of blocks (the wall of coins that turned back to blocks) and make a blind leap to the ride edge of the screen. It may take a few tries, but you’ll soon time it right that you’re able to grab on climb up the ledge to the next door.
  3. Switches hidden in the blocks. The next area is quite easy as well. All you need to do is avoid the ghosts and activate the two switches in the area, which are hidden in the blocks near the ground.  Hit the switch on the right first, then the one on the left. You’ll then be able to activate the main switch with the exclamation point. When you do, a door will appear on the upper right corner of the area. This part of the level is quite difficult as the switches tend to switch back rather quickly.

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