The Callisto Protocol - Skunk Gun Weapon Guide

A weapon guide for Skunkworks Shotgun “Skunk Gun” in The Callisto Protocol. Included in this guide is the weapon description, how to get, and the available upgrades for it,

The Callisto Protocol - Skunk Gun Weapon Guide

Skunk Gun Weapon Guide in The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol - Skunk Gun

What is Skunk Gun?

Skunkworks Shotgun or also known as Skunk Gun and is a prototype one-handed shotgun currently being testes in Black Iron. Developed by the Io Armaments Skunkworks Division.

Please note that this page is undergoing updates.

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How to Get Skunk Gun

During the Aftermath story chapter, you will need to open up the D3 Basement Storage Gate and requires a gate fuse to unlock the basement.

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All Skunk Gun Weapon Upgrades

Upgrade Name Details Cost
High Capacity Magazine Upgrade Alters the magazine well to accept high capacity magazines. 400 Callisto Credits
Stability Upgrade Reconfigures print with the addition of a foregrip to reduce weapon recoil. 1200 Callisto Credits
Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade Increases the damage potential of the weapon by adding extra propellent to all ammunition. 1200 Callisto Credits
Swarming Rounds Modifies this weapon to firing homing ammo that swarms nearby enemies. 3600 Callisto Credits

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