The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Mira Farming Guide

A guide on how to farm Mira (money) in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV. Included are the best methods to earn money quickly during the early, middle, and late game stages.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4 - Mira Farming Guide

Mira (Money) Farming

The form of currency used in the world of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4 is called Mira. You will need it to purchase weapons, armor, accessories, and items throughout the main story.

Farm from Defeating Enemies

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4 - Mira Farming Guide

Defeating enemies in battle is the most straightforward way to earn Mira. Be sure to use equipment that increases the money earned in battle, enemy item drop rate (to sell off dropped items), and anything that allows you to quickly clear mobs of enemies.

Mira Farming Equipment


Name Effects How to Obtain
Bronze Winged Lion Cordon
  • STR +10
  • DEF +10
  • ATS +10
  • ADF +10
    Item Drop Rate + 50%
Reach Thors Revival Grade Level 3 (Keshuu)
Platinum Coin
  • HP +3600
  • EP +360
  • SPD +12
  • Item Drop Rate +100% (Equipment only)
Exchange Shop

All Accessories


Name Effects How to Obtain
Sepith Vein
  • EP +80
  • ATS +10
  • Increased amount of Sepith dropped by enemies.
Exchange Shop after clearing Collecting Troubles quest.
Rakam Gem
  • STR +40
  • DEF +40
  • Break damage +80%
  • Increased amount of Sepith dropped by enemies
Exchange Shop
  • STR +10
  • Item Drop Rate +50%
Dropped by Great Zansue
  • HP +2400
  • EP +240
  • STR +20
  • ATS +20
  • DEF +40
  • ADF +40
  • Hit Rate +100%
  • Item Drop Rate +50%
Kaleido (Master Quartz) Chance to obtain Sepith by using normal attacks and crafts Reach AP Rank Otsu 2nd Grade
Kagutsuchi (Master Quartz) Recover CP after defeating enemies. Rean’s default equipment
Emblem (Master Quartz) Gradually recovers CP when out in the field. Thors 2nd Branch Campus.

All Quartz

Best Areas to Farm Mira

Early Stages (Part 1)

Boat Lodge – East Crossbell Highway

The field near the Boat Lodge on East Crossbell Highway is a good place to farm enemies for Mira. The area allows you to quickly defeat enemies using S-Crafts and gives easy access to the lodge to rest and recover CP.

Middle Stages (Part 2)

Bryonia Island Cave

Repeatedly farming the Ancient Osser that appears north of the cave on Bryonia Island lets you quickly farm Sepith Masses that can be sold to earn large amounts of Mira. It frequently appears in areas that are easily accessible through fast travel. Defeat it and simply fast travel to the cave to fight it again. Be sure to equip Kagutsuchi and Emblem (Master Quartz) on Rean and Altina so recover CP without having to rest.

Late Stages (Part 3)

Orchis Tower

Any area in Orchis Tower lets you accumulate large amounts of both Mira and Sepith Masses upon reaching Part 3 of the main story. As with farming money during the middle stages, you will want to defeat groups of enemies using S-Crafts so equip Kagutsuchi and Emblem as well.

Sell Consumable Items

Various consumables that you might have in excess can be sold to obtain a good amount of Mira.

Name Selling Price (Mira)
Zeram Powder 7500
Zeram Capsule 15000
Brave Seed 5000
Brave Soul 20000
Spirit Incense 10000
Dragon Incense 30000

Selling Dishes (Not Recommended)

While making and selling dishes in past games of the series used to be a viable method to earn money, it does not appear to be the case in Trails of Cold Steel 4. This is due to the fact that there seem to be no dishes that can be sold for more than the total cost of the ingredients used to make them.

Thanks to Alex Houston for providing important info on this!

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  1. Dear wolf Knight,
    I come to explain that the sell tasty potato chowdar method needs to be double checked. I am currently playing on the US version of the game and notice the method of which you explain doesn’t seem to profit but lose tons of mira in the process. Crisp Onion cost 44 mira, Flaky Potato cost 44 mira, and the Couarse Rock Salt cost 22 mira. For a total of 110 mira. The recipes sell for this much: Tasty Potato chowdar sells for 50 mira, Luminary Soup and Northern Borscht sells for 75 mira. I don’t know if the method just works for the japanese version, but I thought I would let you know.

    • Hello, Alex! Thanks for this clarification. After checking info on the Japanese version of the game, you actually do not profit at all from making and selling Tasty Potato Chowder (or any other dish for that matter), making it a bad method to earn money. We have updated this article now. Thanks for this huge and very well-explained heads-up! And our apologies for this mistake.