The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Fragment: The Broken Sword 8/17 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for Fragment: The Broken Sword in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4. Included are are an overview, all treasure chests, collectibles, enemies, locations, and boss strategies.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4 - Fragment: The Broken Sword 8/17 Walkthrough

Fragment: The Broken Sword (8/17)


Period 8/17 (Thursday)
Treasure Chests 32 (Total: 161)
Collectibles 19
Bosses Arachne Glia, Oz Mirage, Rossweisse/ Copper George/ Almighty Conflagration McBurn, Giliath Osborne
AP 24

Treasure Chests

Chest Location Items
Treasure Chest #129 Saint-Gral Labyrinth (Phase 4) EP 3
Treasure Chest #130 Cast 3
Treasure Chest #131 U-material x5
Treasure Chest #132 Flare Butterfly R
Treasure Chest #133 All sepith x50
Treasure Chest #134 Brave Seed
Treasure Chest #135 Black workshop, Route A (1) Spirit Incense
Treasure Chest #136 Black Dress
Treasure Chest #137 Evade 3
Treasure Chest #138 Break 3
Treasure Chest #139 Black workshop, route B (1) Jagd Guard
Treasure Chest #140 Teara Balm
Treasure Chest #141 Blue Emblem
Treasure Chest #142 Action 3
Treasure Chest #143 Black workshop, route C (1) Attack 3
Treasure Chest #144 HP 3
Treasure Chest #145 Green Emblem
Treasure Chest #146 EP Charge IV
Treasure Chest #147 Dark Emblem
Treasure Chest #148 Move 3
Treasure Chest #149 Zeram Powder
Treasure Chest #150 Black workshop, route B (2) Dark Mail
Treasure Chest #151 Hit 3
Treasure Chest #152 EP Cut 3
Treasure Chest #153 Dragon Incense
Treasure Chest #154 Black workshop, route A (2) Yellow Emblem
Treasure Chest #155 Nahat Heels
Treasure Chest #156 Zeram Capsule
Treasure Chest #157 Spirit 3
Treasure Chest #158 Black workshop, route C (2) Critical 3
Treasure Chest #159 Celestial Balm EX
Treasure Chest #160 Red Emblem
Treasure Chest #161 Brave Soul



Area Date Item
Eryn 8/17 Legendary Chosen One, Vol. 2 (Book) – Buy for 500 Mira
Eryn 8/17 Starberry Tart (Recipe) – Buy for 1300 Mira
Eryn 8/17 Vantage Masters (VM) opponent unlock – KeA
Eryn 8/17 Pom’tto unlock – Estelle
Eryn 8/17 Altina (Character Profile)


Area Enemies


Eryn (8/17 – Thursday)

1 Unlock the following: playable Altina and Inner Suit costume.
2 Head to Lux Lunae and then talk to Liza.
3 Go to Aura’s house and chat with Eucles.
4 Unlock Saint-Gral Labyrinth Phase 4. Renne will join temporarily.

  • Examine the floor by the door. X takes you to the entrance while a circle mark leads to the next area.
  • From the entrance, go to the left passage and then step on the warp to find all the chests.
5 Defeat Arachne Glia (boss).
6 Head to Gandolf and speak to Emma to trigger the quest: Pendant Repair. You’re going to explore the Magic Forest and gather some materials:

  • Head to the south section to obtain Dryad’s Tear.
  • Continue to the north zone to obtain Lotus Ivy.
  • Report back to Emma and give the materials.
7 Explore the town and talk to the NPCs.
8 When you’re done looking around, go back to your room to continue.

Black Workshop (8/17 – Thursday)

1 After the cutscenes, you’ll be pit against Hecatoncheires. Celine will temporarily join the party.
2 When you’re ready, enter the Black Workshop to start the sequence of boss battles. Below is a list of bosses:

Round 1

  • Team A: Oz Mirage Blue x2
  • Team B: Oz Mirage Red x2
  • Team C: Oz Mirage Blue x1, Oz Mirage Red x1

Proceed to the next round.

3 Round 2

  • Team A: Rossweisse
  • Team B: Copper Georg, Trigger G x2
  • Team C: Almighty Conflagration McBurn, Innes the Stout, Ennea the Sharp
4 Defeat ??? (boss).
5 Defeat Giliath Osborne and Arianrhod of Steel.


Arachne Glia (Boss)

Arachne Glia can be quite troublesome since it employs status conditions like sleep and confusion. Have Musee wear an accessory that grants sleep immunity. Juna can help weaken it. S-Crafts to choose from for this boss fight include Gaius, Ash, or KeA. After defeating it, you’ll get a costume for Altina.

Hecatoncheires (Boss)

Rean can choose among the following actions in this fight: move, attack or craft. Have Rean take out the barriers that cover the doors using area of effect attack. Meanwhile, have Celine support with Orders or Items.

Black Workshop

Oz Mirage (Boss)

For Team A, your best bet is to have Alisa’s Heaven’s Gift which boosts recovery of gauges.

Meanwhile for Team C, rely on Duvalie’s order and Celine’s craft when BP goes low.

Rossweisse (Team A)

Rossweisse has a glaring weakness to status conditions which gives Juna the opportunity to take advantage of Cross Break. However, the boss makes up for it with high attack. Raise your team’s survivability with Alisa’s Heaven’s Gift.”

The boss gains access to S-Craft when her health pool is down to half. Use S-Craft to pick up the pace.

Copper Georg accompanied by Trigger G x2 (Team B)

Don’t focus too much on the minions since they can respawn, you can end the battle if you reduce his health by a certain amount. Unleash ranged attacks from characters like Sara. Like Rossweisse, he also relies on S-Craft after sustaining a certain amount of damage. If your team’s health is running low, have Gaius use order. When Georg’s health is down, have Ash use S-Craft to finish him off.

Almighty Conflagration McBurn, Innes the South, and Ennea the Sharp (Team C)

Focus on Innes or Ennea since they have less health compared to McBurn.

Unlike the other bosses, McBurn possesses an unblockable art that takes away 200 HP from all members. He boosts himself and then follows up with S-Craft afterward. Prepare “Deep Onyx” to reduce the damage. McBurn’s attack deals even more damage if any of your teammates are burned, so better to take action now with Recuria or Celine’s cure. Monitor your health and make use of recovery using items or order as needed.

??? (Boss)

The fight involves using new Class VII members. Like McBurn, the boss has many high damage attacks at his disposal. When ??? is down to 30% HP, he’ll use S-Craft. Among the members, Altina has a way to counter it at the cost of BP. You can also opt to conserve CP and BP and then have Ash fire off his S-Craft before the boss does.

Giliath Osborne and Arinarhod of Steel (Boss)

Note that you only need to damage either of the two bosses by 50% for them to retreat. If you can reduce both of them, you’ll gain AP bonus. Between the two, Giliath has more health so channel most of your damage on him. Check the values to ensure that their health will match in the end.

The boss is quite unique in that they don’t rely on S-Craft, however they can release a linked attack that makes up for its absence. Look out for Osborne since he can inflict instant death or put you to sleep. When the drive appears, aim to cancel the action or prepare recovery with Rean and aim for damage reduction.

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