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Erebus Oceanus
Fields of Mourning  

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All Unlockables Features List and Guide Best Boons

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Eberus Bosses

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Oceanus Bosses

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Scylla and the Sirens

Fields of Mourning Bosses

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Erebus Mini Bosses

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Root-Stalker Shadow-Spiller

Oceanus Mini Bosses

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Deep Serpent

Fields of Mourning Mini Bosses

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Queen Lamia

Tartarus Mini Bosses

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Hades 2 Game Database

General Database

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Arcana Cards List Boons List
Incantations List Weapons List (Nocturnal Arms)
Wretched Broker Exchange List (Material Shop)  Gathering Tools List
Keepsakes List Fate List Prophecies
Materials List

Olympus Gods and Boons

▼Hades 2 Olympus Gods and Boons Database
Apollo Demeter
Poseidon Hestia
Zeus Hephaestus
Aphrodite Hermes
Artemis Hera
Chaos Icarus
Selene Arachne
Narcissus Echo

Weapons (Nocturnal Arms)

▼Hades 2 Weapons (Nocturnal Arms) Database
Witch’s Staff Sister Blades
Umbral Flames Moonstone Axe
Argent Skull


▼Hades 2 Materials Database
Bones Ashes
Psyche Fate Fabric
Silver Limestone
Glassrock Marble


▼Hades 2 Plants Database
Moly Nightshade
Nightshade Seeds Deathcap
Mystery Seeds Lotus

Hades 2 Game Overview

Sequel to the critically-acclaimed masterpiece Hades.

Hades 2 - Game Overview 2

Hades 2 is the sequel to Hades which was released on 2020 to critical acclaim, earning various game awards from various game media outlets around the world. Hades 2 is also the first official follow-up title in the history of developer Supergiant Games.

A roguelike dungeon adventure.

Hades 2 - Game Overview 3

As with the first game, Hades 2’s gameplay combines elements from roguelike titles where the structure of the dungeon changes every time, and mechanics from action RPGs.

Hades 2 offers challenging combat with high difficulty that requires players to learn through trial and error. As you unlock various features, however, you will gradually become stronger to able to dive deeper and progress through newer areas. It is this core mechanic that makes Hades an extremely addictive game.

A natural evolution that builds upon the previous title.

Hades 2 - Game Overview 4

Hades 2 represents a natural evolution of the first game. Those who played the previous title recognize the series’ familiar feel and style through the sequel.

There are also plenty of new elements in the follow-up title which affords veteran and new players alike a fresh experience.

Harness the power of the gods to become stronger.

Hades 2 - Game Overview 1

Clearing various areas of Hades 2 allows you to receive the divine power of the gods of Olympus, allowing you to become more powerful in battle.

The divine strength you are bestowed is random which disappears every time you die in the game. It is this element borrowed from the roguelike genre that contributes to the game’s high replayability.

Hades 2 Game Trailers

Hades 2 Early Access Showcase

Source: Official Supergiant Games YouTube Channel

Hades 2 Game Information

Game Hades 2
Genre Roguelike, Action-Roleplaying
Platform PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Mac OS (via Steam)
Developer Supergiant Games
Publisher Supergiant Games
Release Date May 6, 2024 (Early Access), TBA (Global Release)
Official Website https://www.supergiantgames.com/games/hades-ii/