Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Rocky Rollin’ Road Walkthrough

Rocky Rollin' Road stage walkthrough and guide for Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Included are are all main story stage missions (objectives), all level collectibles and locations, enemies and bosses encountered, and a detailed guide on how to clear the level.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Rocky Rollin' Road Walkthrough

Rocky Rollin’ Road Stage Walkthrough for Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Rocky Rollin' Road Walkthrough

A complete level walkthrough and guide for Rocky Rollin’ Road in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Included are all level missions (objectives), collectible locations, enemies and bosses, and a detailed guide on how to clear the stage.

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Level Overview

No. of Areas 1
Missions Clear the Stage, Save the Hidden Waddle Dees, Eat Snacks Off 3 Tree Stumps, Drive Without Falling Off the Edge
Collectibles Hidden Waddle Dees (4)
Bosses None

Stage Walkthrough for Rocky Rollin’ Road

1 Move forward and take out the enemies along the way.
2 When you come up to the large hedgehog enemy, back away to avoid it as it rushes at you with its spikes. Then, you can choose to inhale it repeatedly to swallow it to gain the needle ability.
3 Continue going north and swallow the ranger enemy behind the rock to gain its gun ability.
4 Move forward again and pick up the bread on the tree stump (Eat Snacks Off 3 Tree Stumps: 1/3).
5 Take out the ranger and hedgehog. Use a charged shot to defeat the latter quickly.
6 Go up the ladder ahead. Then, pick up the banana on the tree stump on your left (Eat Snacks Off 3 Tree Stumps: 2/3).
7 Head north east and cross the path with the rolling boulders. Fire a charged shot at the hedgehog to take it out.
8 At the end of the path is a bullseye on a tree. Aim a charged shot at it to reveal the first hidden Waddle Dee to the left of the ladder. Wait for a boulder to pass before approaching the Waddle Dees cage (Save the Hidden Waddle Dees: 1/4).
9 Go up the ladder and follow the path going north while avoiding the boulders rolling toward you.
10 There is a secret passage at the right side of the boulder path (look for the wall of the building on your right with the pipe sticking out).
11 Go up the ladder and take out the enemies in on the rooftop. Then, swallow the dome and open it to get the item.
12 Jump down on your left and continue progressing through the level by going left.
13 Take out the ranger on the steel beam and cross it. Stand in the middle of the beam and aim your gun at the bullseye above. Fire a charged shot to reveal a secret door.
14 Go through the door to begin a mini game. You just need to shoot down the bullseyes to using charged shots. Afterwards, a chest will appear containing the second hidden Waddle Dee (Save the Hidden Waddle Dees: 2/4).
15 Head back out the door where you came in. Take out the ranger again and and cross the beam going left.
16 Cross the gap by jumping to the narrow ledge near the wall.
17 Keep going left and pick up the milk on the tree stump (Eat Snacks Off 3 Tree Stumps: 3/3).
18 Go south and get ready to run from a giant boulder coming straight at you. Avoid the obstacles but try to keep running in the middle. You will eventually find a switch on a barrel between two plant pots. Step on the switch to reveal the third hidden Waddle Dee on the bench to the left (Save the Hidden Waddle Dees: 3/4).
19 Go south and then east down a lower area. Swallow the car and move to the right and around going north while running over the enemies in the way.
20 As you come around north, watch out for the boulders rolling from the left side.
21 Drive around the raised grassy road going east (jump over the gap). Continue riding east until the raised road wraps around west. Jump over another gap and you should come crashing into a crakced wall of a building. Once you destroy the wall, you will find the last hidden Waddle Dee inside (Save the Hidden Waddle Dees: 4/4). If you did not fall of the edge, another mission will be completed (Drive Without Falling Off the Edge).
22 Drive north and avoid the three boulders coming at you. Before heading for the Waddle Dee cage ahead, destroy the steel blocks near the tree on the right to get an item. Then, move toward the cage in the middle to clear the level.
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