Lords of the Fallen 2 - All Umbral Eyes Locations

Overview and guide for Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen 2, including a list of Umbral Eyes and a detailed breakdown of their locations.

Lords of the Fallen 2 - All Umbral Eyes Locations

Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen 2

What are Umbral Eyes?

Adding Umbral Eyes to the player’s Umbral Lamp is one of the most important methods to upgrade a character’s build. In Lords of the Fallen, Umbral Eyes serve as enchantment pieces that may be slotted into the Umbral Lamp to give added effects.

Umbral Eyes are generally obtained from an Umbral Belly which are scattered throughout the map. However, there are enemies guarding them, so combat is unavoidable.

Trophies and Achievements

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyWhat Sights Contained Within Collect all Umbral Eyes.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyUtmost Insight Fully socket the Umbral lamp with Umbral Eyes.

Lords of the Fallen 2 Trophy and Achievement List

Umbral Eye List and Locations

Below a list of all obtainable Umbral Eyes in the game and where to find them:

Umbral Eye Umbral Eye Location
Umbral Eye of Betrayed Eliard Abandoned Redcopse:

  • From the Vestige of Marco the Axe, move forward to see a big gate with a frozen-over bell.
  • See the crack on the wall to its left and use the Umbral Lamp to pinpoint a target for Soulflay.
  • After that, descend the platforms and Soulflay again the Umbral Belly to find the Umbral Eye.
Umbral Eye of Blind Agatha Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters:

  • Transfer into the Umbral realm and cross the platforms from roof-to-roof starting at the Umbral Flowerbed near the red-lit doors at the end of a hallway.
  • When you encounter a rounded roof, head left and search for a bridge that leads to a small terrace.
  • Cross to another rooftop again and see an Umbral Belly nearby. Use Soulflay to get the Umbral Eye.
Umbral Eye of Dieter Revelation Depths:

  • Soulflay the closest platform as you climb the abyss so it will extend, and you may leap on it afterwards. You will keep on platforming on this area.
  • Soulflay the Umbral Belly for the Umbral Eye after jumping to the first platform under it.
Umbral Eye of Doln The Empyrean:

  • Proceed to the path with a Womb of Despair enemy protecting Umbral Eggs.
  • Collect the Umbral Eye by Soulflaying the Umbral Belly.
Umbral Eye of Ethryg Skyrest Bridge:

  • Clear the “Find the Thief” quest by Byron.
  • When Byron moves back to Skyrest Bridget with Winterberry, come back to quest giver.
Umbral Eye of Hooded Antuli Fitzroy’s Gorge:

  • After getting the Snake Oil Grenade, head downward to reach a small balcony.
  • See a Bringer of Stillness enemy protecting the Umbral Belly. Defeat the enemy first.
  • After that, Soulflay the Umbral Belly to get the Umbral Eye.
Umbral Eye of Iorelo the Cursed Knight Pilgrim’s Perch:

  • Defeat the Pilgrims and the Shrouded Remnant after crossing the bone bridge.
  • Continue forward pass by the left doorway until you reach the end of wooden path.
  • You’ll see an Umbral Belly on the dead end. Use Soulflay again and capture the Umbral Eye.
Umbral Eye of Loash Path of Devotion:

  • Pass through the two hills after coming from the Vestige of Dieter.
  • Once you encounter the building entrance, use the Umbral Lamp to shift to Umbral Realm.
  • Look for the left statue and hit the Umbral Belly using Soulflay to get the Umbral Eye.
Umbral Eye of Lost Berescu Bramis Castle:

  • ? details
Umbral Eye of Lydia the Numb Witch Bramis Castle:

  • Take the wider stairs from the Umbral Flowerbed. This is before you enter the boss area.
  • The Umbral Belly is up ahead so keep going upwards. Soulflay the Umbral Belly and get the Umbral Eye.
Umbral Eye of Marco the Axe Mournstead:

Umbral Eye of Olleren Tower of Penance:

  • ? details
Umbral Eye of Rosamund Pilgrim’s Perch:

  • ? details
Umbral Eye of Bloody Pilgrim Upper Calrath:

  • ? details
Umbral Eye of Pale Butcher Forsaken Fen:

  • Head to the swampy area of the Shuja Hamlet, Forsaken Fen.
  • After getting the Forsake Grenade, turn back and take the right pathway from the split path.
  • Head below the wooden emerge and reach the center of the small village.
  • Reach the end of the path and go left to find the Umbral Belly.
  • Defeat the Womb of the Damned and wallcorpse enemy.
  • Soulflay the Umbral Belly to get the Umbral Eye.

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