Mario Party Superstars - How to Save in Mario Party Mode

A guide on how to save your game progress in Mario Party Mode for Mario Party Superstars. Included are basic information on the save feature and other useful information.

Mario Party Superstars - How to Save in Mario Party Mode

How to Save in Mario Party Mode

Progress can be saved mid-game.

Mario Party Superstars features a new save feature when playing in Mario Party Mode. Game progress is saved in between turns so you can take a break and pick-up where you left when you choose to resume the game with your friends.

While playing a game in Mario Party Mode, press the start button to open the game menu and exit to the Village Square or to Mt. Minigames. Your progress will automatically be saved, allowing you to resume playing from where you stopped on the game board.

Up to 10 Mario Party Mode game sessions can be saved.

You will be able to save up to 10 board game sessions at a given time, giving you a lot of opportunities to take a break and finish the game later.

You cannot change characters when resuming your game.

Note that since you are simply picking-up from where you left off during the game session, you cannot choose a different character. Be sure to choose which character you want to play as before starting a Mario Party Mode session.


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