Mario Party Superstars - Peach’s Birthday Cake Board Guide

A guide on Peach's Birthday Cake in Mario Party Superstars. Included are basic information on the game board, all space types, board secrets and tips, and other useful strategies to win.

Mario Party Superstars - Peach's Birthday Cake Board Guide

Peach’s Birthday Cake Board Guide

Mario Party Superstars - Peach's Birthday Cake Secrets and Tips

Peach’s Birthday Cake is a game board in Mario Party Superstars that takes the form of a gigantic two-layered cake. As revealed by Toad, Princess Peach herself made the cake, hence its name, and has likely been topped with all of her favorite sweets and ingredients.

Game Board Description “Use your Star Power to finish making this delicious cake.”
Appearances Mario Party (Nintendo 64), Mario Party Superstars (Nintendo Switch)

Game Board Spaces Data

Blue Spaces Red Spaces Event Spaces
21 6 11
Minigame Spaces Chance Time Spaces Item Spaces
2 2 0
Bank Spaces Lucky Spaces Bowser Spaces
0 9 2
Total Spaces

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Item Price (Coins) Details

Board Secrets

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Tips and Strategies to Win

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